Sunday, February 24, 2013

Wear It Like That: Mixing Prints

Wear it Like That is back for another cute look challenge!!  This time, the Shopgirls take on the trend of mixing prints, by far one of the most popular and intimidating looks around.  For your enjoyment (and hopefully inspiration) we put together a few different looks with various prints and textures using adorable New, Resale, and Vintage items from Revival.  Sit back and relax, while we make outfits so you don't have to!  

Look 1: "Street Style Laureate"

You love fashion.  Fashion is your favorite, and honey, you read all the blogs.  So savvy you are, meshing your favorite trends with your busy whirl of a lifestyle is like second nature.  A little lace print/floral print mixture doesn't scare you!  You know subtle prints in neutral tones combined with bolder colors almost always pans out.  Gotta run...Sweetleaf Green Coffees to drink, swanky happenings to attend.

Item h. Lace Prints

a.  Two Tone Sunnies//$14//available in store & via phone order.

b. Nameless Moto Jacket//Revival SALE $51//click here to shop!

c. Blu Pepper Watercolor Tank//$42//click here to shop!

Item g.  punched leather is the best leather

d. Street Level Fringe Bag-Berry//$54//available in store & via phone order

e.  Little Village//Free!//the best little local publication ever!

 Item f.  Just divine...

f. Geranium Artisan Collection Amethyst Ring//One Size Fits Most//$72//available in store & via phone order

g. Revival Vintage//Bellini Punched Leather Loafers//$16//available in store & via phone order

h. Revival Resale//Free People Gray Lace Print Jeans//       sz. 28// $26

Look 2: "On the Go Girly"

Weekend is here!  Some can relax.   But you must go go go.  Saturdays are for bouncing around town, crossing off items on your post-9 to 5 'to do' list, then dinner with friends/lovers/co-workers/parents.  Mix a classic stripe with a bold printed skirt?  You don't mind if you do...keeping the same color palette ties everything together.   See ya, dolls.  Gotta bounce!

a. Comme Toi Sailor Stripe Top: Navy//$42//click here to shop

b. Purple Cat Eye Sunnies//$14//available in store & via phone order

c. Coconut Water to stay hydrated//available at Bread Garden

d. Adorable Notebook to keep your life organized//from RSVP

e. Danica Media Case//$14//available in store & via phone order

f. Revival Vintage//Handmade Paintbrush Print//sz. 6 (estimated)//$14//available in store

g. Revival Resale//H&M Emerald Slippers//sz. 5//$18//available in store & via phone order

h. Street Level Geometric Clutch//REVIVAL SALE now $33.60//available in store & via phone order

i. Revival Resale//Nautical Bracelet//$16//available instore & phone order

Look 3: "Early Spring Picnic"

It may be chilly out there, but you don't care.  If Spring won't come, you are plenty happy to make it happen anyway!  Why wait?  Winter is for dogs.  First on the agenda, an extremely early picnic and sprucing up some of your Fall favorites with Spring touches.  Add a light colored scarf to your barely worn Fall dress and 'voila!'-  all becomes new again.  If you dare 35 degree picnics (the red wine will warm you up), then you certainly dare a little polka dot/floral combo.   See you at College Green Park!!  

Items a, b, & d.  Cute, right?
a. Gray Polka Dot Scarf//$16//available in store & via phone order

b. Tortoise Shell Sunnies//$14//available in store & via phone order

c. Fab Floral Dress//Revival SALE Now $34.50//click here to shop!

Survey the whole cute!

d. Geranium AMAZING Chunky Bangles//$20 per bangle//click here to shop!

e. Sock It To Me Ribbed Over the Knee Sock: Mustard//$16//click here to shop!

f. Revival Vintage//Stacked Heel Leather Boots//sz. 9//$22//available in store & via phone order

Item f.  Revival Vintage adorableness

g.  Perfect Picnic Tote Bag//$52//available in store & via phone order

h. Crios Malbec//Bread Garden//Delish

i. Wickes & Weismayer Monkey Tail Banana Mallows//$8//available at Revival//click here for info

Look 4: Club Kid Sophisticate 

You like to get up to get down, and with no apologies, thank you very much.   Out and about, late night, all night, you are dressed to kill.  Crochet...plaid shorts...lace print studded heels...oh how do you do it?   Why, keep a consistent, basic color throughout the whole outfit and you are golden! 

Item c.  Roar!  Scary cute.
a. Revival Resale//Forever 21 Crochet  Crop Top//sz. M//$9//SOLD!

b. Vintage Insta-matic//Sadly, too cute to be for sale

c.  FSM NYC Golden Panther in the Wild Ring//$34//click here to shop!
Item J.  No muss, no fuss.

d. Revival Resale//Steve Madden Studded Heels//sz.  8// $18//available in store & via phone order

e. Revival Vintage//Romans 2000 Wool Plaid Shorts w/ Fringe//sz. 4 (estimated)//$14//available in store only

f. Baggu Lemonade Leather Cluch//$40//click here to shop!

g. Lex's Lighters (one of fave new vendors) Basic Bitch Edition//$10//available in store & via phone order

h. Lace Print Tights//One Size//$8//available in store & via phone order

i. Cheetah Print Watch//$36//available in store & via phone order

j. emma Wooden Block Necklace//$42//available in store & via phone order

We hope you mix, mix, mix away!!


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