Sunday, March 3, 2013

Shopgirl Spirit Animals: What's Yours?

Last summer the Shopgirls went bowling.  Instead of entering our names (names are so passe), we used our Spirit Animals instead.  We then spent half our evening actually bowling and the other half discussing who is what animal, and why, and how you found out....Shopgirls love good chit-chat.  Some believe an animal is chosen for you, some think you can pick your own, some think just anything goes, so our list of animals was quite colorful.

See your Shopgirls' choices below!  So we ask you friends, what is your Spirit Animal?

Not sure? Click to take a quiz!  It is great fun.  Or go Shopgirls Sam & Anna's less spiritual route, just pick your soul animal!

Shopowner Sheila :  Otter

Otters are nurturing, playful, and easygoing. Though your decisions are guided by your feelings, at heart you're pragmatic and self-possessed, making you the ideal head of a family or small business.

Shopgirl Liz: Panther

The black panther "is the symbol of the mother, the dark moon and the power of the night.  The black panther encourages us to understand the shadow powers available to us all, to acknowledge these powers and to eliminate our fears of the darkness." (click here for more)

Shopgirl Abbey: Swan

Abbey was told this 'by a professional spirit animal lady' a few years ago.

"Powers of a swan: Fortelling future through dreams, dream-walking"

Shopgirl Samantha: Black Cat

A spirit animal of her own choosing, we all think it is pretty fitting!

Shopgirl Theresa: Squirrel

"Common summary of animal symbolism of the squirrel:
  • Energy
  • Play
  • Prudence
  • Balance
  • Socializing
  • Preparation
  • Resourcefulness"

(Click here for more!)

Shopgirl Anna: Hawk

"A brilliant visionary, you sometimes forget the mundane details of life like eating, sleeping, or paying bills."

But Anna really wants to be a rabbit.  A Dwarf Hotot to be exact...

Shopgirl Teah:  Mustang

"Mustang's Wisdom Includes:

Free to run free
Control of the Environment"

Spanish Shopgirl Hannah: Doe

"Deer's medicine includes gentleness in word, thought and touch. The ability to listen, grace and appreciation for the beauty of balance."

(Click here for more)

New Shopgirl Hannah:  (coming soon....)

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