Monday, April 1, 2013

Spring Kicks In: A Mission Creek Playlist from Rachel Sauter of the Emperors Club

Emperors Club speaking with Yale Cohn

It is April in Iowa City.  This means the Mission Creek Festival takes over for one the most fun weeks of the year!   Great literary events, delicious food, parties parties parties, and (most importantly) fantastic music for the next 7 days, like some sort of hipster dream Christmas.  To get in the mood, Rachel Sauter of the beloved local group Emperors Club kindly put together the best guest Shopgirl playlist of the year.  Spring Kicks In highlights favorites from Mission Creek artists, local loves, and a few general Spring-y faves.

Before you take a listen, may we suggest you go to the Emperors Club website and stream their newly released album "Killer Companion" for FREE!  Then listen to our perfect playlist.  Then go see Emperors Club play with Divine Fits on Friday at the Blue Moose.

Emperors Club/ Save Another Weekend

"So....yeah this is the band I'm in with four of my best friends in the world (Adam Havlin, Colin Ritchie, Ben Franklin, and the incomparable Amanda Crosby). We are releasing our first full-length album, called "Killer Companion" somewhat and serendipitously in conjunction with this year's festival. It is available to stream, free, right now on our website, and it will subsequently be available to purchase in other formats. We are opening for the Divine Fits this Friday, April 5th, at the Blue Moose. We play intricate power pop?"

1. The Zombies/ This Will Be Our Year
"This song doesn't require much explanation. It's gentle, sentimental, perfect 60's pop. Me and the Mill folks were talking the other day about how the Mission Creek Festival is Iowa City's own personal "New Year". Spring kicks in, music happens, we start again, and it's wonderful."

2. Alex Body/ The Rules of Summer
"Okay, so it's about Summer. Technically. But it catches the right vibe. This is a double-promo for Mission Creek (which Alex will be playing) AND the Iowa City Song Project (lots and lots of crossover artists. I love this musical community, as is clear by the inclusion of two other songs from said project). Alex is opening for Exitmusic at Gabe's on Saturday."

3. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down/ The City
"Yeah she does have a Karen Oh vibe. I've seen a great meme of them performing this song live and it looks like they kick out a great punchy show. And if you show up at the Mill on Tuesday night, you will be able to see this great punchy show in the flesh!"

4. The Undertones/ Teenage Kicks
"If this doesn't capture the hapless antsy romance of spring fever, then I don't really know what does."

5. Jeff The Brotherhood
"It's catchy pop-punk. Think early Weezer b-sides with the softest allusions to Jay Reatard. I think it'll be a fun show - Thursday night at the Mill."

6. Wet Hair/ The North Dodge Alley
"Another great selection from the Iowa City Sound Project - Wet Hair will be opening for Deerhoof at the Mill on Sunday."

7. Divine Fits/ Shivers
"Friday night at Blue Moose we have the honor of sharing the stage with this "super-group", thus referred to because it contains members of Spoon and Wolf Parade. But don't call them Spoon Parade, I hear they hate that."

8. Exitmusic/ Passage 
"Imagine a beautiful foggy balmy forest. Now imagine walking through that in an electric feverdream, with twigs crunching under your feet and sexy angels singing above you. Are you guys with me? I guess what I'm saying is that if you like Beach House, you'll probably like Exitmusic. They are playing Saturday night at Gabe's."

9. The Lonelyhearts/ Overpass
"John Lindenbaum and Andre Perry construct haunting gems like this one, which will be stuck in my head for my whole life ("You were on fire when you walked away" Sigh). John's voice is magic here. Catch them in action with Alex Body on the Exitmusic show, AND I think John is going to be at Revival on Saturday afternoon."

10. Sharon Van Etten/ Serpents
"This was my favorite show of last year...perhaps second only to the Magnetic Fields. "

11. Alexis Stevens/Unsteady Youth
"This is my dear friend's tribute to the Iowa City Song Project. She's going to be in town this weekend, and though she's not technically scheduled to play, I wouldn't be surprised if she ends up on stage at some point. At least I hope so!"

12. Love/ Alone Again Or
"If Teenage Kicks conjures the essence of Winter breaking, then this song conjures the essence of Iowa City Mission Creek. It's all about love, really."

13. Grizzly Bear/ A Simple Answer
"This show (Thursday at the Englert with Owen Pallett is sold out, so they don't need me to plug them. (Don't say Arcade Fire. Don't say Arcade Fire. Don't say Arcade Fire.) "

14. Ducktails/ Ivy Covered House
" Ducktails are kicking off the festival Monday night at the Mill! LET'S DO THIS. "

15. Sparklehorse/ Sick of Goodbyes
"I think this song speaks for itself. "

16. The Stone Roses/ I Am The Resurrection
"Well, it's the resurrection season, no? More people need to love this band, I'm sure of that."

17.  The Beach Boys/Feel Flows
"Let's end with a soft, mellow bang, shall we?"

Click here for the Mission Creek Website to see all show details!  And don't forget to swing by Revival at 3 PM on Saturday for the Mission Boutique show (click here for event page)!

Happy Mission Creek-ing!


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