Friday, May 31, 2013

Revival: It Could Be Home. A Guest Playlist

"Revival: It Could Be Home" is a perfecto new playlist all the way from a former candy factory tucked under the Williamsburg Bridge in Brooklyn, NY.  Thanks to Ryan Rafferty, also known as Riff Raff, Riffs, rok, or 'the Kid' if you booked with the Empty Bottle during the late 2010's, for putting this musical gem together.  For a guy who has never stepped foot into Revival (although his lovely fiancee Jenna is a loyal Revival Online shopper), he has certainly matched our beloved boutique's mission and mood in music; a mixture of the high and the low, the fast and the slow, a mash up of styles and genres to create something brand new.   If a pair of one-of-a-kind, fabulous vintage shoes (worn in all the right places) had a sound, this would be it!  Zing!  Kapow! to you RR, this playlist is gorgeous music to our Shopgirl ears.  

Enjoy friends!  Grab your favorite pair of vintage heels and dance the night away in your best friend's living room.  

xoxo-Shopgirl Anna 

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