Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Wear It Like That: Garage Rock Girl

According to the high falutin' Wikipedia, "Garage Rock is a raw form of rock and roll that was first popular in the United States and Canada from about 1963 to 1967."  And you know, we like the sound of that.  We just love the raw rock'n'roll that is oh so dance-able!!  

Come down to SOULSHAKE! tomorrow dance dance dance!!  You could even wear this!!  (and please, garage rock purists please don't get on our back over Led Zeppelin.  Troggs t-shirts don't exactly stick around at Revival long enough to photograph:)

a.  Revival Resale Led Zeppelin tee//$12 (available in store)

b. Sunny 70's Sunnies//$14 (available in store & via phone order)

c. Mata Traders Knotted Chain necklace//$22 (available in store & via phone order)

d. Graphic Silver Triangle Earrings//$10.50 (available in store & via phone order)

e. Revival Resale Loeffler Randall Slides sz 7//$42 (available in store & via phone order)

f.  Revival Resale Olivaceous skirt sz 8//$16 (available in store)

g. Revival Signature Leather Foldover Wallet in Teal//$36 (available in store)

h. Sweet jams.


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