Sunday, July 14, 2013

Local Love: Luther Bangert Spectacular Record Breaking Spectacle!

Shopgirls love the IC, and Saturday, July 14th was an excellent reminder exactly why we love our little town. In the center of the Ped Mall, surrounded by kids, dogs, and kid-like adults, Iowa City's saw-playing busker and favored mustachioed showman, Luther Bangert attempted and finally broke a Guinness World Record! 

 Luther attempted the feat several times with no success, leaving the audience to wonder, "Can he do it?" and "How many times can a person swallow a sword in a row? Seriously, how many?" With the toot of a nearby tuba, Bangert swallowed his sword one last time and juggled 5 balls at once for a record MAKING 11.5 seconds! The crowd clapped and cheered his name, and slightly nervous parents reminded their children that swords are not for swallowing. Cirque Stupendo played, fire breathing and balancing acts commenced, and a great time was had by all!

Pre-record juggling practice

The Swallow!

Great balls of fire!

Pre-Show Warm Up Act

Saw playin'
Thanks to Luther Bangert for allowed us to be a part of his accomplishment, and thanks to Iowa City for being delightful!


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