Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wear It Like That: Weekend Festival Warrior

While the temps are hot and the sun is shining, we just want to 'cut class' and go play.  Alas, rents come due and there is no such thing as a free lunch, so back to work/class we go.   But the weekend, friends! We are all fab weekend warriors and we need outfits to match.  Yesterday we dressed the Weekend Wedding Warrior, today we tackle the festival!  From Lollapalooza to Solon Beef Days, this outfit would be perfecto!

Top: Kissing in Traffic Vintage Floral Cropped Top//$32 (available in store)

Hat: Delux Straw Hat with Leather Band//$30 (available in store)

Shorts: Revival Resale Levi's Green Cut Offs sz. 26//$18 (available in store)

Sunnies: Tortoise Shell Roundies//$14 (available in store)

Shoes: Revival Resale Kimchi Blue Wood Sandals sz. 9//$22 (available in store & via phone order)

Bracelets: Serafina Rope & Circle Bracelets//$20 per bracelet (available in store)

Bag: Baggu Canvas Backpack in Nutmeg//$42 (available in store)


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