Friday, August 16, 2013

Hello! My name is Shopgirl Hännah

All hail the New Kid on the Block!!  While Shopgirl Hännah (pronounced Haaaaa-nah) has been with us for about 6 months or so, she is still stuck with the newbie title (we don't get much turnover at Revival).  With a sharp sense of humor, a great rapport with customers, and an impressive way with store displays, Shopgirl Hännah fit right in and quickly became a important part of the Revival clan. 
When it comes to her own style (undoubtedly influenced by her time abroad working in art galleries in London), Hännah can appreciate a well-placed stud, butter soft leather, and a little rock and roll.   So next time you are in Revival, say 'Hello!'  She won't bite, unless you try to steal her luxuriousness (see below).

Hannah wears some of her favorite items from Revival's new Fall collection.

Name: Hännah Marie Korpel

Age: 23

Hometown: Iowa City

Hobbies/Outside Interests: Biggest interest recently has been teaching myself the basics of graphic design and photography.  Otherwise my hobbies are general adventuring around Iowa City.

Style Icon: I don't have one style icon; I'm mostly inspired by street fashion.  My favorite street style blogs are The Sartorialist, Lookbook, Jak & Jil, & Face Hunter.

Favorite Fabric: Cotton.  It's versatile and there's nothing like snuggling into the softness of your mom's old, threadbare, college tee.

Favorite Brand/Designer: Helmut Lang for class and MSGM for quirkiness.

Spirit Animal: So, I asked my friend this and here is her reply:

So yeah.  That little white fur ball pretty much sums me up.

DJ or Live Band: oh gosh, it depends.

Flares, Wide Legs, or Skinny Jeans: Skinnies!!!

Signature Accessory: My turquoise ring from my dad

Fave Current Trend: Midi rings & vibrantly colored, mirrored sunnies!

Favorite Drink/Cocktail: PBR or whiskey sour

Currently Iowa City Eats fave: Masala

Preferred IC nightspot: The Mill

What do you love about Iowa City?  To a degree, Iowa City has the charm of a small town with a diversity in culture of a big city.  Though sometimes you have to hunt it out, but that's what's fun, right?

Dogs or Cats: KITTIES!  This is my Sofie:

My friends think she is hostile, but she is just opinionated on who she would like to be around.  Plus, look how adorable she looks!

Favorite TV show: Of all time???? Definitely Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Current Beauty Product Obsession: L'Oreal Liquid Intense eyeliner- every girl should have a good, black eyeliner for when she's feeling sassy.  And Chapstick.  Always have Chapstick.  

How Would you Describe your Style?  Classic lines with a statement piece, usually in a monotone color palette.  When I was younger, my mom told me my colors were "pastels," and I think I've just been rebelling again that ever since.  

Current Revival Favorite: I am obsessed with the small Baggu leather pouch in Plum! 

Hännah is pictured in some of her other Revival favorites, including our Striped Moto jacket, Nameless wolf tee, Tulle knit sweater in Orange, and the Denim Tapestry Skirt from Blu Pepper.  Come see all our new cute at Revival & Revival Online.


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