Monday, August 19, 2013

Oh the Places We Go! Shopgirl Teah in Cape Cod: Part 1

Every so often I get that travel bug, the itch only movement and change can suppress. My girlfriends (Mollie, Therese, and Zoey) were all planning a 20 hour van ride to visit a good friend in Cape Cod. Last minute, I spontaneously decided to tag along, and this spur-of-the-moment road trip from Iowa City to the Atlantic Ocean (my first time!)  became one of the most defining decisions I've made. 

Day 1:  The Comfiest/Most Van Appropriate Outfit I Own

Day 1: Van Cozy
  • Resale Harem Pants from Revival
  • Favorite Elephant Shirt from Revival
  • Leather & Metal bracelet by MADE from Revival
  • Mirrored Sunnies from Revival

Determined to make the trip in one day, we all packed into Therese's van and set up camp on the floor where we pulled out the seats in the back in order to take shifts. We stopped along the way to stretch our legs occasionally, but when we finally made it to Boston (where we were going to spend a part of the next day) we were beyond delirious. 

Van time

Day 2: Big City Romping

Day 2: Boston Romping

The most eventful day of the trip!  Our host Greg (Therese's good friend) played tour guide showed us around Boston. I don't consider myself a big fan of city life, but Boston was pretty incredible. There is so much history jammed into this adorable little place. The cemeteries we visited were incredible and the harbor was beyond beautiful.  Old cutoffs and salt waters were perfect for bumming around in Boston.

After we explored a bit more, we packed back into the van and made our way to the cape. On the way we stopped in Plymouth to check out Plymouth Rock, which was extremely tiny and disappointing. We thought it was hilarious. When we finally made it to Greg's home in Cape Cod, we were blown away. The ocean was breathtaking, and our temporary beach was something straight out of a movie.

Mollie bumming around town

Look at Plymouth Rock.  It's just so tiny.
Stay tuned for more of Teah's East Coast, beach going, late summertime road trip adventures!!  Also staying tuned for even more adorable outfits!

xoxo-Shopgirl Teah

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