Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Oh the Places We Go! Shopgirl Teah in Cape Cod: Part 2

Part 2 of Shpgrl Teah's Spontaneous Road Trip all the way to the Atlantic Ocean!  Let's get back to all kinds of adorable Cape Cod adventures (and OUTFITS!)

Day 3: This was what we were waiting for. We woke up to mimosas and the ocean and spent the entire day hypnotized by the cape. We were all doing our own things, reading on the sand, swimming, playing football on the beach, drinking wine in the hammocks. It was one of the most magical days I can remember, pure adventure and leisure. Those ocean waves are something I can't shake. I spent the entire day in my bathing suit and secondhand Anthropologie romper from the store. Afterwards some of us changed into some fancier get-ups and checked out an old townie bar.

Day 3 Outfit:  Atlantic Ocean Style 

  • Revival Resale Anthropologie Romper
  • Vintage Brown Leather Belt from Revival
  • Mirrored Sunnies from Revival
  • Vintage Silver Bracelet from Revival 
  • Saltwaters!!

Flying flags & drinking mimosas 
The Atlantic!
 Day 3 Night: Town Bar Style (guess what?  It's all from Revival :)

Day 4: We had all been bothering Greg to take us to a lighthouse, so we drove a few miles down the shore to one. We spent some time taking photos and then went to a little beach town. While some of us went to an aquarium, Mollie, Zoey, and I decided to walk around a little. We found a candy shop! Later that night, we grabbed some beer, had a cute little candlelit dinner, and laid by the beach reading every one's astrological birth charts! We couldn't stop laughing. It was so perfect. 

Day 4 Outfit: Light House Luxury

  • Vintage Cut Off Shorts 
  • Thrifted Navy Chevron Tank
  • Tortoise Shell Sunnies from Revival
  • Vintage Silver Bracelet
  • Tan Saltwaters!





Day 5: For our last day on the cape, we took a short ferry rendezvous to Martha's Vineyard to do some touristy stuff. The homes were so cute - like little gingerbread houses. I wore more stripes - the Angie "Everyday Perfection" dress. It was perfect. We spent some time in the ocean, but when we got back to the cape, we were exhausted. We all lounged on the beach watching the full moon on the water. It was so hard to leave.

Day 5 Outfit:

  • Chevron Everyday Perfection Dress (sold out at Revival, but coming soon in an adorable tribal print) 
  • Tortoise Shell Sunnies from Revival
  • Vintage Black Belt
  • Arrowhead Necklace from Serafina (so cute.  come see it at Revival)
  • Tan Saltwaters (can't go wrong)

Le sigh...

xoxo- Shopgirl Teah

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