Thursday, September 5, 2013

Shopgirl Top 10: Teah's Current Faves

10 Years, 10 Things: These area few of Shopgirl Teah's favorite things.   

To celebrate Revival's 10th Birthday this month, all the Shopgirls have picked their current favorites from our curated new/used/vintage wares.  First up is Teah, our resident young romantic and lover of Southwestern motifs.  For Fall, she is giving these motifs a tailored edge. 

Shop all of Teah's favorites in store or online.  Free shipping and 10% off when you use coupon code 10YEARS at Revival Online. 

This is Teah.  She is a hilarious goofball.  

1. Revival Resale Levi's Black Denim Jacket {sz. L}//$28 (shop now)
2. Revival Vintage Brass Concho Leather Purse//$68 (show now)
3. Dinosaur Toes Arrow Fletching Bracelet//$48 (shop now)
4. Dinosaur Toes Geometric Brass Cuff//$36 (shop now)

5. Lumiere Rick Rack Oversized Top//$34 (shop now)
6. Revival Vintage Two Tone Western Chambray Shirt {sz. M}//$16 (shop now)

7. Leo the Lion Astrological Shirt//$32 (shop now)
8. Revival Resale Nocona Western Booties {sz. 8.5}//$42 (shop now)

9. Erica Weiner Mitre Wood & Gold Necklace//$70 (shop now)
10. Revival Resale Rag & Bone Navy Trench Coat {sz. 8}//$178 (shop now)

Here's to 10 years of Revival Style!  


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