Sunday, November 10, 2013

Revival + RSVP = Extra Iowa City Cute


You might not have noticed but here at Revival we have a MEGA store crush on our Northside neighbors, RSVP.  The Iowa City mothership for the letter-loving & detail-oriented, RSVP is really just the cutest!  Whether you seek the perfect way to say 'thank you,' invites to your fabulous summer solstice party, candles to make your home smell like heaven (or an absent boyfriend---the scent we chose), or inspiration to organize your life in an adorable, color coded way; visit RSVP.  They have exactly what you need, and you will probably walk out with a few extras too (the perfect lip gloss, a birthday card for your dog, seriously beautiful wrapping paper).  

On the eve of their annual Holiday Open House, and in celebration of their 15th anniversary, we shot a few pics of one of our favorite shopgirl gangs wearing a few Revival styles!  Just as they say, 'MAIL IS FUN' (and stylish, and chic, and always appreciated) and so are the ladies of RSVP.

{Niki: Store owner, beloved leader, and champagne apprecianado}

Niki wears a black eyelit blouse and Serefina leather and chain necklace

{Nateasa: Vintage Colorful} 

Nateasa in a gorgeous Revival Resale dress from Helmut Lang and gold gems from Serefina.  

{Josie: Redheaded Siren}

Josie wears our Spanish Rose dress from Effie's Heart and jewelry from Serefina.

{Amber: Simple, earthy, tailored}

Amber wears the Colorblock Shift Dress and our very own Goosetown Vintage Locket.

{Katie: the Classic}

Katie wears our Halter Neck Mini Dress in Black Velvet.

Trust us, these gals are sooooooo much fun.


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