Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Scotch Naturals: Reviews from our Nail Polish Snob

This is our Shopgirl Liz.  Going on her 7th year at Revival, our Visual Coordinator (she cooks up all our gorgeous windows) is a ham, a fantastic stylist, AND our resident nail polish snob.  A fan of the self manicure since her Def Leopard-loving teen years, Liz has high standards- especially when it comes to nail polish.

As soon as the non-toxic, water-based Scotch Naturals arrived at Revival, Liz to gave them a whirl.  Here are 3 of her faves (Liz purchased all 3 which is the highest recommendation of all!) and a few application tips.

1. Canal St. Daisy: "A GREAT coral.  Lovely for summer pop, and especially good for those with fair complexions."

2. Paisley Martini: "Super fun bright pink, like an electric fuschia.  It also matches Fuchsia Flash from Smashbox, my go-to 'night out' lipstick."  (available at Buzz Salon)

3. Caleigh: "Such a nice blue!  Caleigh matches the lighter blue wash of my fave spring jeans."

***P.S. they also match Revival's bestselling high-waisted denim shorts from Dear Creatures!

Since Scotch Naturals are water-based, used Scotch's base coat, 2-3 coats of polish, and finish with a top coat.

Non-toxic downside: "Usually the toxic odor keeps my cats away while the polish is drying, but with these no such luck."

Luckily, Scotch's acetone-free nail polish remover also removes cat hair.

All nail polishes, base coat, & top coat - $15 per
Nail polish remover- $12

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