Thursday, June 19, 2014

#tbt: A Rock'n'roll Style Evolution

Our Lady Liz (a BLONDIE): 1993
My original intention for “Throwback Thursday” was to write about how my personal style has changed throughout the years but as I flipped through old photos, I realized there are aspects of my style that haven’t changed much since high school. I was alarmed at this prospect. I began picturing those aging women we’ve all seen late night at the grocery store wearing too much make-up, mall bangs circa 1985 and the same acid wash bomber they wore in high school. Instead of looking currently retro-grunge-chic (as seen in Urban Outfitters nationwide) the ravages of time and excess have made them hangers on of a bygone era.

Our Lady Liz: 1987
Disturbingly, my eighth grade self clad in friendship bracelets, white nail polish, a band tee and basic black mini, mirrors my current look. I flashback to the white nail polish I bought at Sephora last weekend and fidget with the friendship bracelets stacked on my wrist.  My comfortable go-to outfit, a high-waisted skinny jean, simple tee and leather jacket suddenly feels juvenile. “If you wore it the first time around, you shouldn’t wear it again,” is a common refrain overheard at the store. This begs the question; can we revisit our own fashion’s past and still move forward as self-respecting style mavens?

Our lady Liz: Present Day.  Gorgeous photo by Barry Phipps
I believe we can but it’s a fine line between re-imagining our old favorites and looking like we stepped out of a time machine. The trick is to update accessories, hair and make-up. Even though two-tone hair is making a comeback, I will not be revisiting my blond on top, black underneath rock and roll shag anytime soon. My jewelry is understated and while I sport some friendship bracelets, I forgo the layered necklaces, scarves and Doc Martin’s that once accompanied my look circa 1990. I know the friendship bracelets will have to go at some point and waistlines are always changing but the perfect tee, a basic mini and a motorcycle jacket never die.


And a few extras...just for fun.

Little Liz was always a cat lady: 1984

Liz goes goth: 1994

Current photograph by Barry Phipps.

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