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Sunday, April 6, 2014

Guest Blogger: Pop Colors & Transitional Spring Style

Yes, there is a lingering chill in our forecast (*side-eyes Mother Nature*), but the birds are fat and chirping, and the groundhog’s prediction is long expired. Which means: it’s coming, folks. Spring is coming!

In mere days, it’s buh-bye to our hats, scarves and coats. It’s, “Oh, hello, you pretty yellow thing (that would be a Baggu backpack)! You go so nicely on my arm.” And so nicely with Radiant Orchid, the newly announced Pantone Color of the Year. The saturated red-purple hue begs to be worn now and promises to play nicely with your warm weather brights, making it a perfect winter-to-spring color to kick start to your wardrobe.

Here, this lovely orchid (Pantone 18-3224) is featured in a gray patterned top. Because gray goes with everything, this makes the pretty tank a neutral, allowing it to be paired with pants the same bright tone as the sunshine yellow bag (in this case, teal J.Crew Toothpick jeans), and then finding a darker blue from the same family to help anchor the look (the wear-with-everything navy jacket). Mix in another, unexpected pattern (skulls!) with a scarf for added warmth and interest, some gold accessories, and voilĂ ! You’re ready for April showers AND May flowers.

Feel like dancing in the rain? Pick up this medium-weight olive green jacket. Inspired by motorcycle jackets, this more comfortable version is a staple in any transitioning wardrobe: it looks easy and chic and goes with everything, like this boho LBD from Blu Pepper. These two pieces alone can look fab, but purposefully topping the combo with a colorful, mismatched blouse can send it over the edge. Pull on some tights while it’s still nippy outside, or tuck them in your new denim carryall and give those gams some color!

The sun may come out tomorrow… but until then, find this spectrum of spring-worthy hues in store.
These items are a mix of new, used, and vintage available at Revival.  

About our blogger: 

Claire McGranahan has been a loyal fangirl of Revival since the store opened in 2003. Aside from fashion, Claire loves coffee, banter, cooking and collecting gemstones. She's been called a documenter more than once. Check out more of her photos here, here and here.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Lookbook: Knot Sisters & Velvet Heart

Welcome, welcome to Knot Sisters & Velvet Heart, two of our favorite new Spring lines.  The Shopgirls are obsessed and we think you are going to LOVE it.  

Top: Knot Sisters Neptune Top in Olive. $48 (click to shop)
Pants: Knot Sisters Canyon Pant. $72 (click to shop)
Necklace: Marida 14k Gold Bar Necklace. $60 (available in store & via phone order)
Necklace: Marida 14k Gold Lariat Necklace. $76 (available in store & via phone order)

Top: Knot Sisters Tiger High Low Printed Top. $44 (click to shop

Top: Knot Sisters Stud Muffin Muscle Tee. $48 (click to shop)
Handpiece: Marida 14k Gold & Turquoise Handpiece. $62 (available in store & via phone order)

Top: Knot Sisters Gemini Printed Tank Top. $42 (click to shop)
Necklace: Marida Gold & Turq Beaded Necklace. $36 (available in store & via special order)

Dress/Tunic: Knot Sisters Sagittarius Ribbed Dress. $58 (click to shop
Slit Skirt: Knot Sisters Cleo Slit Maxi Skirt. $52 (click to shop)

Top: Velvet Heart Gingham Front Knot Top. $52. (click to shop)
Necklace: Larisa Loden Iowa City Banner Necklace. $34. (click to shop)

Top: Velvet Heart Tencel 2 Pocket Top. $60 (click to shop)

Jacket: Velvet Heart Olive Moto Jacket. $76. (click to shop)
Necklace: Larisa Loden Ginko Necklace. $22 (available in store & via phone order)

Jacket: Velvet Heart Patchwork Denim Jacket. $76 (click to shop)

Model: Teah DePover
Stylist: Teah DePover for Revival
Photographer: Anna Wickes

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sheila Styles: Springtime Shorts


Oh shorts, the most beloved and intimidating of all Spring and Summer trends.  Shorts are a new staple item, as dynamic and versatile as your favorite pair of jeans.  Depending on the style, shorts can also be an unexpected nighttime look.  Shake it up!  Don't be scared.  Revival owner Sheila is here to help.  She has styled 4 different looks just for you.  

High waisted jean shorts can be very versatile once you find the right pair.  Fit is KEY and our new Indigo Denim shorts from Dear Creatures are just perfect.

1. Baby Blues

Top: Tulle Diamond Floral Cuffed Sheer Top. $52.
Sweater: Blu Pepper Cream Nautical Knit Cardi. $48.
Shorts: Dear Creatures Indigo High Waisters. $60.
Belt: Revival Vintage. (available in store & via special order)
Bag: Revival Resale. SOLD.
Shoes: Revival Resale Studded Mocs. sz. 6.5. $16.
Sunnies: Marnie Frames in Tan. $14. (available in store & via special order)

Revival Resale Brass & Lapis Necklace. SOLD
Fada Diamonds & Crystals Pendant. $32. (available in store & via special order)

2. Beachy Blues

Top: Very J Drop Back Top. $38. (available in store & via special order)
Sweater: Blu Pepper POP Tribal Cardi. $52.
Shorts: Dear Creatures Indigo High Waisters. $60.
Belt: Revival Vintage. (available in store & via special order)
Shoes: Revival Resale DV Dolce Vita Booties. sz. 7.5. $26.
Sunnies: Marnie Frames in Tan. $14. (available in store & via special order)
Bag: Revival Resale Classic Coach Bag in Navy. $62. (available in store & via special order)

Larisa Loden Tiers & Chains Long Necklace. $42. (available in store & via special order)
Cream Drop Earrings. $16. (available in store & via special order)


The Trouser Short

A looser, blousy trouser short can be great for transitioning from day to night.  Some are high waisted & some low waisted, but a relaxed fit and a cute print make for a fun alternative to mini skirts or jeans.  

1. Tribal Tootsie 

Shoes: Revival Vintage Bass Loafers. sz. 8.5. $32.
Bag: Revival Resale Classic Coach Bag in Navy. $62. (available in store & via special order)
Sunnies: Metro Frames in Matte Black. $14 (available in store & via special order)

Scarf: Sassy Solid Infinity Scarf in Royal. $18. (available in store & via special order)
Jewels: Mata Traders Gold Chevron Necklace. $22. (available in store & via special order)

2. Denim Dolly

Top: Ambiance Scoop Neck Bodysuit in Black. $14. (available in store & via special order)
Shorts: Black & White Print Shorts. $28. (available in store & via special order)
Bag: Revival Resale. SOLD.
Sunnies: Castro Frames in Tortoise. $14. 
Scarf: Sassy Solid Infinity Scarf in Fuchsia. $18. (available in store & via special order)

Mata Traders Archer Necklace in Cream. $22. (available in store & via special order)
Cream Drop Earrings. $16. (available in store & via special order)
Tokyo Bay Braided Leather Watch. $84. (available in store & via special order)

Monday, March 17, 2014

Vegan Goodness: Treat Yo'self to Homemade Bath Salts

Seriously.  How cute are these?
Treat Yo'self! 

Do you own a bathtub? Then this recipe is for YOU! I haven't owned a bath tub for far too long, so I would be lying if I didn't say I was jealous of yours! Especially if you have one of those elegant claw-footed numbers.  Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?  Same thing we do every night, Pinky-  TRY TO TAKE OVER THE WORLD! (Confused? Watch this) 

Well, this relaxing bath salts recipe won't exactly lead to world domination, but it sure might change your frame of mind.  Winter is finally releasing us from its death grip but have no fear!  It is always a good idea to treat yourself to a prolonged soak.  Light some of those candles you know you have lying around to complete the effect.

Bath Salts also make great gifts!  After all, Mother's Day is right around the corner!


3 cups Epsom salt
1 cup Sea salt
10-20 drops of essential oil 
2 Tbs. jojoba oil
2 bowls 
waxed paper
cookie sheet
glass jars (can be found at any craft store)

Alternative additions:
1/2 cup baking soda 
dried herbs


1. Combine the salts in a metal bowl.
2. Mix in the jojoba oil.  If you want to do two types of scents, separate the salts into two bowls and add your essential oils to each one.  For just one scent, one bowl will do.
3. Slowly mix the ingredients together making sure to break up the clumps.  
4. Spread the salts out onto a cookie sheet that's covered with waxed paper
and let dry for 24 hours before bottling.  

...that's all there is to it! 

It Gets Better:

The bath salts can also be used as an exfoliating body scrub. Place a tablespoon of the mix into the palm of your hand and add just enough water to form a paste.  Then all you have to do is scrub it into your skin in circular motion.  Continue repeating steps until your skin is completely covered and then rinse off in the shower! 

Photo by Chris Ford
About our Blogger: 

A lover of nature, board games, animals, Volvos, crafting, and adventure of all varieties, Theresa Rensimer is also a talented and enthusiastic vegan baker & cook. She has been known to raise the bar at every potluck she attends and always breaks for squirrels. 

Read more Vegan Goodness at her blog 
Like Vegan Goodness on Facebook here 
Read her Revival Shopgirl Profile here

Sunday, March 2, 2014

{Bustleworship//Revival} Special Collection

Bustleworship is Iowa City's own vintage loving, fur transforming, jewelry-creating one lady army of style.  Headed by maker & maven Jensina Endreson, Bustleworship creates absolutely beautiful things using vintage materials and a close attention to detail. Her one-of-a-kind custom fur stoles (strictly vintage fur) have been keeping our Shopgirls warm all winter and now Revival is so pleased to carry Bustleworship's line of hand cut leather stacked earrings.

To celebrate, Revival & Bustleworship got together to do what we do best- try on clothes, gush about the latest fashion week photos, and style a few Winter to Spring transitional outfits around 3 of our favorite earring designs.   So please meet our curated Bustleworship//Revival Special Collection.  We hope you love it!

1. The "Sophia" - bright and fresh, fresh, fresh.  Named for the ultra femme Sophia Loren, this look pairs a tan & purple stacked earring with our GORGEOUS Eden dress from Effie's Heart and a pair of vintage leather harness boots for an edge.

Vintage Harness Boots sz. 7

Pockets & Florals

The "Sophia"

2.  The "Edie"- clean & modern.  Named for mod queen & Andy Warhol superstar Edie Sedgwick, the 'Edie' look is street style with a vintage flair.  A sharp stack of leather triangles in putty and cream pair well with the drama of our Downtown turtleneck crop top and a high waisted vintage skirt.  

The 'Edie'

Resale Frye Boots in wine & gold

3. The 'Audrey' - Pretty & pert.  This kicky look, named for the girlish 'Roman Holiday' era Audrey Hepburn,  pairs a 3 tone stacked earring with a dusty blue sheer printed shirt and insanely cute, cold weather friendly burgundy & gold sailor shorts. We added little glints of gold, a vintage hat, & a great bag to this great daytime outfit for a little extra polish.