Friday, September 21, 2012

The Blue Moon (R.I.P. Neil Armstrong): Fall Revival Playlist to Keep Warm To

We have been begging and pleading for Fall.  We wanted tights, and boots, and cozy knits, and jackets, jackets, jackets!  Well, we got it (sort of).   Iowa City is approaching the Autumn equinox with rainy showers and highs in the mid-50's; so just about right...

Tulle Red Toggle Pea Coat: $88

To celebrate we put together a pumpkin spice latte scented playlist for you friends, and it is our longest in history.  We made sure to include some of our local music loves like Liberty Leg (swoon) and The Old Scratch Revival Singers (spooky scary!), as well as "Come and Get Your Love" from Redbone, one of the greatest songs of all time.  In the last month, we had a blue moon and lost American icon Neil Armstrong, so to this we dedicate these jams.  In celebration of these mid-50's temps, we included some adorable Tulle sweaters & jackets.  We swear they will keep you warm and cute!

Tulle CUTE!

Thanks to (now) Spanish Shopgirl Hannah and Guest Shopgirl and Fulltime Mannequin A. Joseph 'Mao for putting most of this list together!

xoxo-Shopgirl Anna

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That Black Motorcycle Jacket: Tuesday Yea or Nay

From the moment Leather Tuscadero hit the airwaves in 'Happy Days,' the black leather motorcycle jacket has been a fashion staple.  Time and trends only change the details, but the classic black leather remains the same.

While this jacket will keep you warm, it comes with added benefits...mainly attitude for miles and an enhanced ability to be a badass.  Tread with caution, because you will have to resist the urge to pick fights and drink whiskey.  

Here are some images to get you in the black leather mood!  Then come to Revival and find your own to rock.  

Suzi Quatro looking boss.
Vintage Hell's Angel "old lady' drinking beer and looking tougher than us.

Vintage Hell's Angels 'old ladies'

Motorcycle Jackets and black roots = great combo

We are pleased as punch that the trend is back!  What about you, friends?

xoxo-Shopgirl Anna

Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Ramblin' Mix: A Sunday Shopgirl Playlist (with matching accessories)

Straight Shooter in Silver : $16
Available at Revival
The other day Shopgirl Theresa noticed that poor country & western had been neglected in Revival Shopgirl Playlist land.  She pulled on her cowgirl boots and resolved to fix that tout suite.

So ladies and gentlemen, Shopgirl Theresa presents "A Ramblin' Mix," and a few adorable accessories to match.

1.  Hank Williams : "Hey Good Lookin'"

2. Townes Van Zandt : "11 Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold"

3. Gillian Welch : "Hard Times"

4. Dolly Parton : "Jolene"

5. Freakwater: "Gravity"

6. Townes Van Zandt : "Lungs"

7.  Milk & Eggs : "Like Water"

8. Liberty Leg : "Country Doctor"

9. Woody Guthrie : "Tear the Fascists Down"

10. Loretta Lynn & Jack White : "Portland, Oregon"

11. Hank Williams : "Mind Your Own Business"

12. Willie Nelson :  "Yesterday's Wine"

13. Gillian Welch : "Scarlet Town"

14. Harlan T. Bobo : "Left Your House Unlocked"

Looking for something adorable to match our playlist?  Take a look!

Vintage Don't Tread on Me Cowgal Boots: Size 10 : $32
Available at Revival

Wrangler Western Chic: $16
Available at Revival


Monday, September 10, 2012

Hawkeye Cute: Black & Gold by Revival

The Hawkeye football season is officially upon us!  While most were disappointed with the season opener against Iowa State, don't forget, today is a new day, and there is much Iowa Football in our future.

You are no bandwagon fan, so chances are you will be there no matter what; win or lose, rain or shine, drunk or sober.  Admittedly, most of us Shopgirls say, 'Football is for people who like football,' but we also say, "Hey, if you are going to do it, do it cute!"  So here are a few ideas on how to make your own cute Hawkeye look.  

BONUS: we also created a little playlist to celebrate, called "Jock Jams for Shopgirls." 

LOCAL LOVE! Handmade bracelets from local artist Amy Kubas

Hawkeye style!  Black & Gold flats from Sam Edelman

More Amy Kubas!  We LOVE.  

Amy Kubas, headband style!  Perfect for the little boho Hawkeye

Local Love: Handmade Silk Flower headband from The Bean & the Sprout

Hawkeye fancy!  Comme Toi peplum top with pendant from Beijo Brasil, and don't forget your shades!

Pebbled leather foldover clutch in mustard.  Perfect!

Hawkeye classic!  Simple shift dress, golden silk blend scarf, and an adorable floppy felt hat.

JOCK JAMS FOR SHOPGIRLS.  BAM.   Listen & enjoy, friends!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Black on Black on Polka Dot on Black: Tuesday's Yea or Nay

We Shopgirls generally get along pretty well, except when a certain topic is brought up.  One so controversial, Shopgirls automatically choose a side and never waver.

We practically have a chalk line that separates the store into two factions and, trust me, we are worse than Congress.  No talks, no compromise.  It gets UGLY.

That topic is the color black, friends.  Some love it, some are obsessively devoted, but others, no so much.  Here is a great (in this Shopgirl's opinion) of a great Fall look.

But who cares what we think!  What about you?

xoxo-Shopgirl Anna