Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Electric!! The Neon Edition: Yea or Nay

(new versions of old shoes)

When I was in the fourth grade my friend had these wicked, rad Reeboks. I was neon green with envy, because, you know, one Velcro strap just isn't enough. My lame Punky Brewster lace-ups paled in comparison.

Nanette Lepore-Spring 2012

Now these electric hues are creeping back and we think they are super fun!! We hope this means the return of Day-Glo tees, Body Glove and Oakley Sunglasses.

Peter Som - Spring 2012

If an all-neon, all the time outfit is a bit much for you, keep it to an accessory instead. We are in LOVE with these new bags and belts we just got in!!!!! So cute.

Neon? Yea or Nay. You tell us.

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Local Vendor Sunday: daniAwesome is Awesome

Since Revival opened its doors we have been pleased and proud to carry truly fantastic local designers and brands. These days, one of our favorites is the Des Moines-based accessory line, daniAwesome.

We are in love with designer Dani Ausen's ridiculously popular hair accessories. Both retro and fresh, these gorgeous pieces manage to convey a lovely vintage aesthetic while remaining sophisticated and current. Considering these words are pretty much antonyms, that is no easy task.
All of Ausen's items are made with natural feathers and are as individual as the lucky lady who snags them.

New to Revival this season are feather earring and these neat 'Specimen' necklaces. So pretty and scientific at the same time! ($16).
The quality is out the door and the prices are just so do-able, ranging from $12 - $24.

Cheers to you and daniAwesome! Happy Sunday.

xoxo- Shopgirl A

Saturday, January 28, 2012

New Scarf & Belt-apalooza!!

The last week we got MAD new Spring items in, and I don't even know where to start!!!

Our favorite new scarf wall. Stripes, plaids, tribal prints, and polka dots...OH MY!

Braided Belts...

And skinny belts...

And neon belts for days!

They are MAD cute, friends. Come into the store and see for yourself!!!!

xoxo-Shopgirl A
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Friday, January 27, 2012

Hello! My Name Is: Shopgirl Liz

Oh, our Ms. Liz. Madcap crafting queen, memoirist, vintage enthusiast, and enthusiastic karaoke star, Revival's Display and Visual Designer is six year veteran and our 'in-everything-but name' floor manager. She is famous for creating outfits that seamlessly blend more than three different prints and her color-blocking skills are the bee's knees. Come into the store, if only to check our Liz's always a-mazing nail art (the marbling masterpiece of Nov. 2011, for instance).
Name: Liz
Age: 37
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Style Icon: Debbie Harry, Zooey Deschanel
Favorite Fabric: Metal Mesh
Favorite Brand/Designer: Burberry Porsum, Prada, Miu Miu, Chanel, Dear Creatures
Spirit Animal: Panther
Song/Band Currently Stuck in Your Head: I'm listening to Mates of State and the Yeah Yeah Yeahs never get old.
Signature Accessory: Cotton or Linen Scarves & my giant owl ring

Favorite TV Show:
Dexter, Boardwalk Empire, Mad Men
What do you Love About Iowa City: The fresh crop of hot freshmen boys that come in every semester ;) (***Liz's own wink emoticon)
Dogs or Cats: CATS!
How would you describe your style? I like to mix textures, colors and prints. Lots to color! I modernize vintage looks with an added dash of rock'n'roll.

And so begins our 'Meet the Shopgirl' series...We shopgirls ring you up. We do your clothing sorts and we LOVE when you ask us for help pulling clothes for you. Nice to meet you!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

New Sunglasses = Springtime.

Spring has sprung! We don't care what the calendar, the temperature, or that rodent who is afraid of his shadow has to say on the topic. At Revival, when we get the new shipment of A.J. Morgan sunglasses it means Spring is coming. Period. Away gray skies and icky black snow, we are ready to get some sun!

You are a dynamic gal! At $14 a pair and with names like the 'Old McDonald,' 'The Feline,' and the 'Barn Stormer,' you can pick a pair to match all of your many moods.

***Please note, to most of us shopgirls 'getting sun' means sitting under an umbrella, wearing SPF 90, a killer sun hat, and some of these adorable shades. Please sun safely, sisters.

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Friday, January 20, 2012

Sale Explosion...wait, new Spring Items too??!!?!

Thanks so much to everyone for making the first day of our Annual Sale such a success! Lines to the door, smiley faces...it was like an awesome carnival of savings! The sale lasts until Sunday at 5 PM so head down this weekend when you have a chance.

Here is a shocker, people. In addition to our great new Fall items (many are 50% of 50% off- if you can wrap your brain around that one), we have adorable new spring items half off too! Here are a few of the items, just to remind you that, oh yes, Spring will come again.

Come see for yourself - xoxo

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Artist Spotlight : Adam Weinstein

For the next few weeks at Revival, we are lucky enough to have select works by Iowa City artist Adam Weinstein. Works include these amazing silkscreens titled, "Cassandra," in bright, bold hues. All are available for sale.

Silkscreens are $300, prints are $100 and 100% of the proceeds go to the artist. Thanks to Liz Preciado for setting this up (as usual :)!

T-1 Day until the 50% Sale! It's coming...It's coming...It's coming

Starting tomorrow at 10 AM through Sunday at 5 PM! Be there or be square and sad you missed it :)

These little gems will meet you there!

Black Rain Tunic Top (sale price $4.50!)
Multi-strand Boho Leather Necklace (sale price $9)

Many Belles Down 'Vintage Pretty' Dress (sale price $34)
Ornamental Things 'Equine' Pendant (sale price $12)
Sabina 100% Leather Chain Link Purse (sale price $38)
Hard Shell 1970's style Clutch Purse (sale price $19)

If they aren't snatched up before close today, of course! See you dolls on the flipside! (also known as tomorrow at 10 AM sharp)

xoxo - Shopgirl.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

T-2 Days!!! Revival's 50% Off the Entire Store Sale!!

Align Left
Countdown: 2 Days until the entire store will be half off!

This Vintage Embroidered Doctor's Bag Purse (sale price $9) and electric blue, a-mazing Free People Brimmed Tam (sale price $6.25- for when you are feeling a bit 'Jimi Hendrix'), will meet you there!!!

If they aren't snatched up before Thursday that is...

See you then - xoxo

Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello World!

Nice to see you! You look great!

If you are reading this, then we have most likely met before. Hopefully, you know Revival as that fantastic store on the Ped Mall where you bought your favorite dress.

Or that chi-chi top you bought on impulse and wore on New Year's and everyone couldn't stop talking about it.

Maybe the shoes that, when complimented, you just can't help but to blurt out how much you saved on them. This is the Midwest after all, we are proud of our thrift!

In Sept. 2003, Iowa City native Sheila Davisson opened the doors to the Revival at 116 S. Linn, offering new, resale, and vintage clothes. Eight and a half years later Revival has moved to the Ped Mall and doubled in size.

We have a loyal clientele and seek to provide a fun and welcoming environment where you can discover your next favorite scarf/jeans/tube top/feather covered fascinator/vintage wool cape. Now we are bringing the spirit of our special little store to our special little internet space.

Just like our eclectic clientele, we Revival Shopgirls represent the great variety one finds in Iowa City. We too, are artists, students, mothers, entrepreneurs, performers and, first and foremost, lovers of fashion.

Check back for thoughts and ideas on just a few of these topics, friends. We promise to keep it awesome, and we sure do hope you love it.

xoxo- your Shopgirl