Monday, January 16, 2012

Hello World!

Nice to see you! You look great!

If you are reading this, then we have most likely met before. Hopefully, you know Revival as that fantastic store on the Ped Mall where you bought your favorite dress.

Or that chi-chi top you bought on impulse and wore on New Year's and everyone couldn't stop talking about it.

Maybe the shoes that, when complimented, you just can't help but to blurt out how much you saved on them. This is the Midwest after all, we are proud of our thrift!

In Sept. 2003, Iowa City native Sheila Davisson opened the doors to the Revival at 116 S. Linn, offering new, resale, and vintage clothes. Eight and a half years later Revival has moved to the Ped Mall and doubled in size.

We have a loyal clientele and seek to provide a fun and welcoming environment where you can discover your next favorite scarf/jeans/tube top/feather covered fascinator/vintage wool cape. Now we are bringing the spirit of our special little store to our special little internet space.

Just like our eclectic clientele, we Revival Shopgirls represent the great variety one finds in Iowa City. We too, are artists, students, mothers, entrepreneurs, performers and, first and foremost, lovers of fashion.

Check back for thoughts and ideas on just a few of these topics, friends. We promise to keep it awesome, and we sure do hope you love it.

xoxo- your Shopgirl

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