Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Back in the Alternative Apparel Groove

Alternative Apparel is back in stock!!! The classic hoodies are back, along with fantastic new tanks. In celebration, we sort of, not really, wrote this song. Any similarities to the KISS classic "Back in the New York Groove" is intentional.

Here you are, and in this city
with a fistful of $36-$52 dollars
And baby you better believe

We're back, back in the Alternative groove
We're back, back in the Alternative groove
We're back, back in the Alternative groove

Thanks guys! We could make art like this all day. But let's talk turkey, or rather AlternativeAdd Image because we are in love!

The classic hoodies are back, of course, in red, cobalt, vintage black and this snazzy little colorblock number ($46- $52). This much agreed 'greatest hoodie of all time' is made in a unisex size so defiantly get a smaller size down than you are used to.

The classic Zion Linen Tank in Vintage Black and Tan Mini Stripe ($36).

New Pocket Zion Tank in Coral and Cobalt Chevron. Adorable... ($38-obsessed with this one!)

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Socks with Wedges: Yea or Nay

The Shopgirl first reaction says 'no,' but after seeing these gorgeous photos by Scott Schuman at the Sartorialist (an absolutely favorite fashion photography site), I am saying an enthusiastic 'please do' to socks with wedges for Spring! This could be a tough one to pull off...let the experimenting begin!

xoxo-Shopgirl A

UIMA March First Friday & Un Petite Revival

We are so excited to be setting up 'un petite' Revival, our little shop-lette, at this coming Friday's UIMA's March First Friday: In Like a Lion (March 2nd, 5-7 PM) in the lobby of the hotelVetro. Please come and shop some of our 'Shopgirl-selected,' much-too-cute Spring jewelry, clothes, and accessories.

Admission is $5 and proceeds go to the Iowa Museum of Art. For this $5 dollars, enjoy food and drink specials from Formosa, while DJs Max & Kendall spin records. Ceramic works by University BFA students Kevin Chamberlain and Mitchell Spain will also be on display. And you can come and see us, of course! Even George the kitty, our very own little lion, will be there in spirit.

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello! My Name is Shopgirl Anna

Part-time student, part-time baker, part-time scribe, most-time shopgirl, and all-time trivia and podcast enthusiast! Very nice to meet you!!
Name: Anna

Age: 30

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN by way of Brooklyn, NY

Style Icon: The ladies of my mother's family, especially my two older sisters.

Favorite Color: Red. PMS 186 to be exact.

Favorite Fabric: Silk.

Favorite Brand/Designer: Marni. Marc Jacobs. Rodarte. Vintage...

Spirit Animal: A miniature dachshund.

Song/Band Currently Stuck in Your Head: 'Lonely Fortune' by Ha Ha Tonka, 'Good Times' by Sam Cooke, and all 'Stuff I Missed in History Class' podcasts.

Signature Accessory:

1. My thick gold rope necklace with my favorite NYC skyline ring from FSMNYC and a ring my mother gave me

2. red lipstick

3. one of my five pairs of red shoes.

Favorite Drink/Cocktail: Maker's Mark and Diet with a lime, please.

What do you Love About Iowa City: Its proximity to Wilton's Candy Kitchen.

Dogs or Cats: Dogs, but I don't have any problems with your cat. We'll get along just fine.

Current Beauty Product Obsession: Sooo many... YSL black mascara. Benefit Brows A-Go-Go. Dior Rouge Premiere. The blackest hair dye ever.

How would you describe your style? Black and White and Red all over?

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Baggu is Here!

You look like you might need a tote - for your books, for your diapers, for your sunscreen and Bud Light, for your gym clothes, for your hair bows and violin rosin...

Well, we told you they were on their way, and now the cutest little Brooklyn-born bags are here!!! And in the most fantastic, chipper colors ever. The 16 oz canvas holds its shape (it's ADORABLE shape).

Daypack Backpack: Front Pocket- $34 - available in Red, Teal, Army Green and Nutmeg (omg- you are going love nutmeg, guys)

Duck Bag: Interior pocket, Shoulder Strap and Clutch Handle - $24 - Neon Yellow (!!!!), Navy Sailor Stripes, Slate Gray, and Cobalt Blue

Leather Pouches: Made in the USA.
Small $20 5" x 5" - Perfect for an organizer or mini wallet - Stone Gray, Teal
Large $40 8.5" x 8.5"- Great clutch purse or large accessory pouch - Stone Gray, Canary Yellow

Seriously... Can you think of a cuter way to tote your back copies of National Geographic and Jazzercise DVD's back and forth to the Library? We love Baggu almost as much as we love you!

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Revival's Three-in-One Tote!!

Life is not set up for one-bag ownership. Work and school demands one large enough for laptops. Saturday afternoons at the park needs something different. Drinks with your girlfriends require yet another; something cute with just enough room for lipstick, a debit card, and a cell phone. Don't worry chicks, we here at Revival have the answer and it is awesome... Don't just listen to me! Watch our very own Barker's Beauty, Shopgirl Liz, demonstrate the magic of the Revival 3-in-1 tote.

Vegan friendly and available in rust or mustard for $56! Come On Down! Let's Make A Deal!

(Don't you just love our raw, Flipcam video style? It is soooooo underground :)

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello! My Name is Shopgirl Theresa

(photo by Chris Ford)

She is Revival's Friday & Saturday fix of the romantic; filled to the brim with old-timey kindness and style. Theresa has also been rocking the 'Revival Shopgirl' moniker for years now, and we thank her kindly for letting us borrow it. Part-time childcare provider, part-time animal care provider, and part-time shopgirl, Theresa wears many hats- some are velvet, some feather-festooned, all original...just like our Shopgirl!

Name: Theresa

Age: 29

Hometown: Chillicothe, IL

Style Icon
: The sisters of CocoRosie, who, incidentally, are the daughters of an Iowa farmer...

Favorite Fabric: Cotton/silk blends

Favorite Brand/Designer: The second-hand variety

Spirit Animal: Squirrel

Song/Band Currently Stuck in Your Head: Underneath the Mango Tree by Cibelle

Signature Accessory: 1970's Owl Belt (***see the awesomeness above please)

Favorite TV Show: Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, & Portlandia

Favorite Drink/Cocktail: Green tea with Honey, Lemon & Cinnamon OR Aloe Vera Juice

Current Iowa City Eats Fave: Fairgrounds Coffee House & Bakery

What do you Love About Iowa City:

  1. I love the unique, uplifting spirit of Iowa City

  2. I like all the oddballs

Dogs or Cats: Cats

Current Beauty Product Obsession: Pillow Potion Mist by Aura Cacia

How would you describe your style?: Timelessly Romantic...sigh.......

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Drool: Baggu's Perfect Bags

So cute...just might die...
Is any description needed?
Leather Pouches

Only in my dreams have I imagined a brand as fantastic as Baggu. This Brooklyn based brand is just so so so so cool!! Something about Baggu has me convinced that this neon canvas backpack will make my life perfectly organized. Get ready! These cuties hit Revival next week!

Seriously...swoon, there goes my boyfriend.

Love it!

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Holy Sale Section Batman!

Oh Hey Friends! The last week we said good-bye to our kids department. It was wonderful while it lasted and so much fun!! Bye-bye Baby indeed but Hello, Sale Section!!!

Shopping for a-mazing deals is now easier than ever! Currently, our Fall & Winter Sale-aganza is offering up to 50% off on selected items. Like...super cute stuff even.. Up to half off on selected Dear Creatures, Nick & Mo, Wooden Ships, just snag you with some brand recognition :)

We like deals, you like is a match!

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The Maxi Dress: Yea or Nay

Happy Valentine's Day Friends! To celebrate, lets discuss the ever controversial maxi skirt/dress. We love it in theory, but it can be notoriously difficult to wear.

"I'm too tall" or "I'm too short" we hear all day long at the store. This spring I vow to not be afraid, I am going to dive right into the chic spring maxi. You wanna join?

(image courtesy of Harper's Bazaar)

Here is a great example. Bold colors and a great length. The belt and heels break it up. Mix with the fantastic, moppet haircut and you get adorable!

Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Love O'Clock! Lover-ly V-tines Gift Ideas.

Perhaps your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend has been slyly trying to figure out what you would like for Valentines Day...."You like chocolate diamonds, right?" they inquire, oh-so-sneakily.

Look Le Vian, I like cheese and I like pudding, but I don't want cheese in my pudding. Therefore, please keep chocolate out of diamonds, they are much better served separately....

Don't open up chocolate diamonds on Tuesday. Give the hint for one of these instead, and save yourself awkward reactions and ugly jewelry financing payments...

What time is it? Why, it is love o'clock. Thank you so much for asking...(Japanese Floral watch necklace $28)

"I'd Give My Right Arm for Your Heart" necklace by fab local designer Love & Bones ($48).

Because just like the mini eco-system living in this fantastic terrarium necklace, love is a growing thang (Erica Weiner Pendant $40)

I love you knot...KNOT! Ha, get it? This lovely gold and rose gold Infinity Knot ring set from Erica Weiner makes for a very mature, "I am in total like with you" sort of gift (set is $30- size 6.5 available)

Take it home, Dolly! Nothing says "Lets keep hanging out and hopefully soon we could fall in love" quite like these awesome Love Lyric Heart Pendants from Erica Weiner (14K gold - $60, silver $50).

Please join us in saying 'no' to chocolate diamonds.

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Iowa City Obsession: Soyphisticated Candles Iowa Prairie Wildflowers

If you have ever been sniffing around Revival, you may have noticed the banging candle we have perpetually burning at the counter. We love love love the Iowa Prairie Wildflower Soyphisticated Candle bought weekly at The Soap Opera. The scent of the candle, made in Mason City, is fresh and clean, and the candle is so locally made even the soy used to make it is grown in Iowa.

Try it, you will LOVE.

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Friday, February 10, 2012

Hello! My Name is Shopgirl Hannah

Meet Ms. Hannah! She is our resident Frisbee flinging, upbeat free spirit. Having just begun her student teaching, Senorita Hannah is oh-so-chic in two languages. Hannah has a weakness for any hippie inspired fashion and the main ingredient in her custom fragrance from the Soap Opera is patchouli, there being a great chance that our Shopgirl was born into the wrong decade. Soon Hannah will be bye-bye, as this chica's Saltwater Sandal clad feet have wings! Adios Iowa City, bonjour Espana (cross your fingers and toes for her)!!!!

Name: Hannah

Age: 22

Hometown: Des Moines, IA

Style Icon: Grace Slick

Favorite Fabric: cotton & cashmere

Favorite Brand/Designer: Vintage, daaahling.

Spirit Animal: Doe

Song/Band Currently Stuck in Your Head: "I Need a Dollar" by Aloe Blacc & "Nobody's Baby" by Sharon Jones

Flares or Skinny Jeans: High Waisted Bell Bottoms

Signature Outfit: Colorful pashmina, stone rings, cardigan sweater, long necklace and tall boots!

What do you Love About Iowa City: All of the small, locally owned businesses! It's a beautiful, historic, cultural town with a lot to explore.

Hannah's Signature Cocktail: Whiskey Ginger, Pabst Blue Ribbon

How would you describe your style? Hippie chic with a dash of seventies casual.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fun-A-Day #9: We Love R. Kelly

Erica Weiner's 14k gold Heart pendant ($60)...because after all, isn't love really about finding where the after-party is?

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fun-A-Day #8! Circus Tent Satchel!

Just looking across the store at this fantastic bag just makes us smile. Sunny red striped canvas and faux leather trim are my new favorite. Summery and bright, the fashion circus is in town!!!

xoxo- Shopgirl A

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Bye bye Baby...Baby, bye bye...Kids Clothes 50% Off Through Sunday

LAST CALL. After a very fun year, we have decided to discontinue the kids department here at Revival. All of our kids clothes are 50% off the original price. The sale is through Sunday February 12th and then all items will be gone!

The customers are adorable and we will always have a special place in our heart for tiny hats shaped like cupcakes.

So bye bye baby...hello SALE section!

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Monday, February 6, 2012

Fun-A-Day: Day 6!! Banana Caramel Nut by Sugarplum Cupcakes

Sugarplum cupcakes always make us smile. But they make us smile harder when they are a new flavor!!! Banana Caramel Pecan...BAM!

They are ridiculous.

xoxo-Shopgirl A

Friday, February 3, 2012

Revival February Fun-A-Day #3!!

Our new jewelry display case make us smile!!! Doesn't the new jewelry look so smart? We are no longer shopgirls, we are now bauble librarians.

xoxo-Bauble Librarian A

Hello! My Name Is: Shopgirl Teah

A junior at the University of Iowa, Ms. Teah brings some of that young blood to Revival! Engaged to her high school sweetheart, our very own 'young romantic' is happy to discuss libertarian politics, cream lace, the reasons to not eat cheese in restaurants, and Great Britain's bog bodies with equal fervor. Part outdoors-lady, and part style maven, this gal camps in Piko AND Patagonia. Next time you are in, ask to see her Erica Weiner Art-Deco antique engagement ring, it is a stunner.

: Teah

: 20

: Las Vegas, NV

Favorite Color:
Orange & Brown

Favorite Brand/Designer:
Free People!!

Spirit Animal:

Song/Band Currently Stuck in Your Head:
Built to Spill (Randy Described Eternity)

Signature Accessory: My Erica Weiner harmonica necklace or vintage horse pendant (***as seen in the picture above, along with Teah's spirit animal)

What do you Love About Iowa City: The small town atmosphere... and of course, the people!

Dogs or Cats: my cat :). And my bunny. (***Please note that we considered changing the name of this post to "A blog about Teah's pets")

Current Beauty Product Obsession
: Woodland Pine & Ginseng Kiss My Face Bodywash (Lovin' that stress relief!!)

How would you describe your style?
Hmmm....Southwestern Bohemian??