Monday, February 13, 2012

It's Love O'Clock! Lover-ly V-tines Gift Ideas.

Perhaps your boyfriend/girlfriend/best friend has been slyly trying to figure out what you would like for Valentines Day...."You like chocolate diamonds, right?" they inquire, oh-so-sneakily.

Look Le Vian, I like cheese and I like pudding, but I don't want cheese in my pudding. Therefore, please keep chocolate out of diamonds, they are much better served separately....

Don't open up chocolate diamonds on Tuesday. Give the hint for one of these instead, and save yourself awkward reactions and ugly jewelry financing payments...

What time is it? Why, it is love o'clock. Thank you so much for asking...(Japanese Floral watch necklace $28)

"I'd Give My Right Arm for Your Heart" necklace by fab local designer Love & Bones ($48).

Because just like the mini eco-system living in this fantastic terrarium necklace, love is a growing thang (Erica Weiner Pendant $40)

I love you knot...KNOT! Ha, get it? This lovely gold and rose gold Infinity Knot ring set from Erica Weiner makes for a very mature, "I am in total like with you" sort of gift (set is $30- size 6.5 available)

Take it home, Dolly! Nothing says "Lets keep hanging out and hopefully soon we could fall in love" quite like these awesome Love Lyric Heart Pendants from Erica Weiner (14K gold - $60, silver $50).

Please join us in saying 'no' to chocolate diamonds.

xoxo-Shopgirl A

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