Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Revival February Fun-A-Day:Day 1!!!

The Feb. blahs got you down? This month is a cold in-between month, whose weird 28 day structure simply means there are two fewer days to make rent. Spring can seem no where in sight. The low temps, then the high temps, then the snow, then the slush and mud....

Well, screw that, we refused to remain cold and bummed. Based on this neat-o event in New York my friend introduced me to. (Click HERE for more details), each day we are going to post something that makes us smile.

Day One!

This AMAZING 'Put A Bird On It' Vintage Tote($18)! Great condition and what we would call 'A very special tote bag.' Smile! Hopefully, your face will freeze that way.

xoxo - Shopgirl A

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