Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello! My Name is Shopgirl Anna

Part-time student, part-time baker, part-time scribe, most-time shopgirl, and all-time trivia and podcast enthusiast! Very nice to meet you!!
Name: Anna

Age: 30

Hometown: Indianapolis, IN by way of Brooklyn, NY

Style Icon: The ladies of my mother's family, especially my two older sisters.

Favorite Color: Red. PMS 186 to be exact.

Favorite Fabric: Silk.

Favorite Brand/Designer: Marni. Marc Jacobs. Rodarte. Vintage...

Spirit Animal: A miniature dachshund.

Song/Band Currently Stuck in Your Head: 'Lonely Fortune' by Ha Ha Tonka, 'Good Times' by Sam Cooke, and all 'Stuff I Missed in History Class' podcasts.

Signature Accessory:

1. My thick gold rope necklace with my favorite NYC skyline ring from FSMNYC and a ring my mother gave me

2. red lipstick

3. one of my five pairs of red shoes.

Favorite Drink/Cocktail: Maker's Mark and Diet with a lime, please.

What do you Love About Iowa City: Its proximity to Wilton's Candy Kitchen.

Dogs or Cats: Dogs, but I don't have any problems with your cat. We'll get along just fine.

Current Beauty Product Obsession: Sooo many... YSL black mascara. Benefit Brows A-Go-Go. Dior Rouge Premiere. The blackest hair dye ever.

How would you describe your style? Black and White and Red all over?

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