Friday, February 17, 2012

Hello! My Name is Shopgirl Theresa

(photo by Chris Ford)

She is Revival's Friday & Saturday fix of the romantic; filled to the brim with old-timey kindness and style. Theresa has also been rocking the 'Revival Shopgirl' moniker for years now, and we thank her kindly for letting us borrow it. Part-time childcare provider, part-time animal care provider, and part-time shopgirl, Theresa wears many hats- some are velvet, some feather-festooned, all original...just like our Shopgirl!

Name: Theresa

Age: 29

Hometown: Chillicothe, IL

Style Icon
: The sisters of CocoRosie, who, incidentally, are the daughters of an Iowa farmer...

Favorite Fabric: Cotton/silk blends

Favorite Brand/Designer: The second-hand variety

Spirit Animal: Squirrel

Song/Band Currently Stuck in Your Head: Underneath the Mango Tree by Cibelle

Signature Accessory: 1970's Owl Belt (***see the awesomeness above please)

Favorite TV Show: Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, & Portlandia

Favorite Drink/Cocktail: Green tea with Honey, Lemon & Cinnamon OR Aloe Vera Juice

Current Iowa City Eats Fave: Fairgrounds Coffee House & Bakery

What do you Love About Iowa City:

  1. I love the unique, uplifting spirit of Iowa City

  2. I like all the oddballs

Dogs or Cats: Cats

Current Beauty Product Obsession: Pillow Potion Mist by Aura Cacia

How would you describe your style?: Timelessly Romantic...sigh.......

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