Saturday, February 18, 2012

Revival's Three-in-One Tote!!

Life is not set up for one-bag ownership. Work and school demands one large enough for laptops. Saturday afternoons at the park needs something different. Drinks with your girlfriends require yet another; something cute with just enough room for lipstick, a debit card, and a cell phone. Don't worry chicks, we here at Revival have the answer and it is awesome... Don't just listen to me! Watch our very own Barker's Beauty, Shopgirl Liz, demonstrate the magic of the Revival 3-in-1 tote.

Vegan friendly and available in rust or mustard for $56! Come On Down! Let's Make A Deal!

(Don't you just love our raw, Flipcam video style? It is soooooo underground :)

xoxo-Shopgirl A

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