Friday, February 3, 2012

Hello! My Name Is: Shopgirl Teah

A junior at the University of Iowa, Ms. Teah brings some of that young blood to Revival! Engaged to her high school sweetheart, our very own 'young romantic' is happy to discuss libertarian politics, cream lace, the reasons to not eat cheese in restaurants, and Great Britain's bog bodies with equal fervor. Part outdoors-lady, and part style maven, this gal camps in Piko AND Patagonia. Next time you are in, ask to see her Erica Weiner Art-Deco antique engagement ring, it is a stunner.

: Teah

: 20

: Las Vegas, NV

Favorite Color:
Orange & Brown

Favorite Brand/Designer:
Free People!!

Spirit Animal:

Song/Band Currently Stuck in Your Head:
Built to Spill (Randy Described Eternity)

Signature Accessory: My Erica Weiner harmonica necklace or vintage horse pendant (***as seen in the picture above, along with Teah's spirit animal)

What do you Love About Iowa City: The small town atmosphere... and of course, the people!

Dogs or Cats: my cat :). And my bunny. (***Please note that we considered changing the name of this post to "A blog about Teah's pets")

Current Beauty Product Obsession
: Woodland Pine & Ginseng Kiss My Face Bodywash (Lovin' that stress relief!!)

How would you describe your style?
Hmmm....Southwestern Bohemian??

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  1. Lovin all of it!! Can't wait to see to see the beautiful ring!