Friday, August 31, 2012

'White Noize 4 White Boyz' : Revival Guest Shopgirl Playlist

Hey Friends!

Our last summer Friday means a noisy playlist from me, Guest Shopgirl and Fulltime Mannequin A. Joseph 'Mao.  Please note this playlist is not just for White Boyz.

"This collection of songs was chosen as a direct challenge to the listener's patience and willpower.  Maybe some of these tracks will drive you nuts in all the right ways (i.e., make you nervous and unable to control your impulse purchasing behavior).  Enjoy or don't, we don't care."

"I'm Waiting For the Man" by the Velvet Underground  The Velvet Underground and Nico

Nobody likes an inconsiderate drug dealer so Lou Reed and his crew wrote this song to take a stand in favor of swift customer service on the black market.  Just because you're a junkie doesn't give anyone the right to waste your time, does it?

"Brand New Cadillac" by the Clash  London Calling

Brand New Cadillac ain't a noisy one by any means but the band did call themselves the Clash so there's that.  That and no one writes boss ass guitar riffs like that anymore.  This song is worth it just for "JESUS CHRIST, where did you get that Cadillac?"

"Dream Lover" by the Plasmatics  New Hope for the Wretched

This Bobby Darin cover is a good example of how Wendy O. William always wore her balls on her chest and never hesitated to flaunt them.  The instrumental "breakdown" in the middle was recorded in a divided studio where none of the band members could hear each other and the result was an extended gorgeously chaotic freakout (with a saxophone?) that only the Plasmatics would have dared injected into a cover of a '60s crooner.

"Smash It Up (Part 2)" by the Damned  Noise, Noise, Noise

This version is live but the studio versions of Smash It Up (Parts 1 & 2) sound kind of candy ass compared to this.  This past summer I had a conversation with my cellmate in county jail about punk rock.  He asked me if I liked the Damned.  I told him I really didn't know what else was out there besides Damned, Damned, Damned.  He said, "I don't know what record it's on, but you gotta get "Smash It Up."  I assume he meant Part 2.

"Death Valley '69" by Sonic Youth ft. Lydia Lunch  Bad Moon Rising

This is where the real noise starts both on this playlist and historically.  Both Sonic Youth and Lydia Lunch were major players in NYC's late 70's/early 80's no wave scene and this collaboration incorporates the most negative of waves and vibes while not being a bummer to listen to.  You can be sure all the intoning about "I didn't wanna but she started to holler/so I had to hit it" is about the Manson family.

"Bring the Noise" by Public Enemy  It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back

Occasionally white boyz gotta Do The Right Thing and listen to Chuck D. tell us how it really is while Flav provides comic relief on the side.

"Taste the Floor" by the Jesus and Mary Chain  Psychocandy

As soon as the opening chord progression comes fuzzing out of my speakers I already feel like I'm tasting something dirty.  What's on the floor is the leftover scraps of Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man" as well as "I Wanna Be Your Dog" that the Mary Chain shaved the fat off of with their razor sharp guitars.  And you thought the Stooges were 100% lean.

"Aly, Walk With Me" by the Raveonettes  Lust Lust Lust

I saw the Raveonettes play with the Black Angels in Minneapolis in 2009 and I knew I had to buy this record. The first track on their album Lust Lust Lust is this hauntingly scorching number with a backbeat night ravers can get loose to and plenty of fuzzed out psychedelic noise for the day tripper to get lost in.

"Jack the Ripper" by Link Wray  Good Rockin' Tonight

Technically, this is just a surfabilly instrumental but Link Wray was the king of noise twenty years before anyone would ever appreciate such a title, let alone deserve it.  The guitar sound he pioneered spawned garage rock, punk, metal, and every kind of degenerate rock and roll that has been invented since.  I could have given you "Rumble" but you've heard that already if you don't live in a convent.

"New Gods" [instrumental bonus track] by the Meat Puppets  Meat Puppets II

Reeking of bongwater and reverb, New Gods sounds like frustrated acid-fried hippies trading in their Steal Your Face t-shirts for ones with four black bars, which isn't as pretentious as it sounds when you consider that's exactly what it is.  The Puppets expanded their sound for their second record but this track remains a relic of their hardcore days.

"Ghetto Cross" by the Black Lips We Did Not Know The Forest Spirit Made The Flowers Grow

 Included for not much else other than the creepy ass lead guitar line (which has kept me up at night several times) and the lyric "The inbred Jesus always makes fun of me/but that's how he lets me know he loves me."

"Drudgery" by Royal Baths  Litanies

I traded Slint's Spiderland for this record and can't help but feel like I stole candy from a baby because this whole album is so dope.  This track is probably the most spine tingling jam on it and that's why it's here.  I don't mean to shit on Slint (or my roommate who accepted the trade) but that's how it goes.

"Sweet Loaf" by the Butthole Surfers  Locust Abortion Technician

A spoof of Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf" this song has a very classy intro that sets the mood for not only the rest of this track but the rest of the album as well.  Gibby Hayne's unintelligible hollering during the Sabbath part and Paul Leary's intricate guitar playing during the pretty part complement each other bizarrely.  Never has anything so stupid sounded so smart.

"T-Bone" by Neil Young Reactor

"You don't write a song about having mashed potatoes and no t-bone without making a few enemies."
- Neil Young

Friday, August 24, 2012

'An Extended Ride North:' A Revival Friday Playlist

Created by Playlist extraordinaire, honorary Shopgirl (Shopguy?), and husband to Ms. Sugarplum Cupcakes!

"Well, the only way I see this happening is in an extended ride north. When I say that I mean a long, terrible, trying trip…"

­ The Idea of North, by Glenn Gould, 1967

Stars:  'The Theory of Relativity'
I was in phase about a month back where I enjoyed swearing in songs, this one
is a hold over, nice beat. Neat little clip I found when researching the quote at
the begging.

Hacienda: 'Savage'
I think Dan Auerbach is behind everything I love these days.

Nick Gilder: 'Hot Child in the City'
You could call this my welcome to all the Freshmen, I say this in a strictly
platonic way. Run Wild!

Joan Jett: 'Crimson and Clover'
1:19 to 1:45 is my fav

****this song isn't available on Spotify so here is a little You Tube for your enjoyment

Twin Shadow: 'Five Seconds'
Love the 80's revivalism, pretty much anything after 2:29 is great, actually
figured out how to program the song in iTunes to start at 2:29.

blur: 'Under the Westway'
A really complex and beautiful song.

blur: 'Song 2'
I had to...

The Shins: '40 Mark Strasse'
I think this is the cleanest, well composed song I have heard in while.

Passion Pit: 'Take a Walk'
This song burns bright for me, meaning I loved it, but only for a short time.

Ryan Adams: 'Ashes and Fire'
I've tried to sing along, but regretfully cannot. Whatever comes in at 1:54 seals
the deal for me

The Walkmen: 'Heartbreaker'
I've got nothing, just like it.

Trampled by Turtles: 'Midnight on the Interstate'
I love me some Turtles, the fiddle harmony toward the end is magical.

The Delfonics: 'Didn't I'
Self explanatory.

I would also love to give huge props, love the free stream!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Guest Playlist: "Crispy" Fall Music from Voguegasm's Bee Condon

Please, please, please, please come soon!

We are so impatient for fall, we JUST can't wait.  Oooooh, we ache for scarves, layers, and cashmere, cashmere, cashmere.  Writer of the blog Voguegasm, and a loyal Revival customer, Bee Condon put together a fantastic playlist for Fall.  We are hoping that if we play, then Fall will come!

Bee's kickin' it old school.  Click the link for the YouTube video.

  1. Astronaut - Priscilla Ahn
  2. The Way I Feel - Asa
  3. Willow - Emilie Autumn
  4. Let's Get Lost - Beck feat. Bat for Lashes
  5. Eyes Were Blue - Marit Bergman
  6. Mona Lisa - Blair
  7. Love More (Sharon van Etten Cover) - Bon Iver
  8. Bug in a Web - CallMeKat
  9. From Me - Caroline Smith and the Goodnight Sleeps
  10. Worn Out Shoe - Audie Darling
  11. Dry - Die Warzau feat. Emilie Autumn
  12. Owl in the Dark - Stephanie Dosen
  13. Find Me Out - Rose Elinor Dougall
  14. Red Star - EMA
  15. On My Stoop - Erin and her Cello
  16. For You - Sharon van Etten
  17. Fistful of Mercy - Fistful of Mercy
  18. I Kissed a Girl (Katy Perry Cover) - William Fitzsimmons
  19. Twilight - Melody Gardot
  20. Ballad of Britney Jean - GOASTT (Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger)
  21. The Necklace of Marie Antoinette - Hannah Fury
  22. Pieces of Me - Anne Heaton
  23. Exurgency - Zoe Keating
  24. Blue Skies - Lady & Bird
  25. Falling Out of Love - Sean Lennon
  26. There is a Light That Never Goes Out (The Smiths Cover) - Sara Lov
  27. Street Spirit (Radiohead Cover) - Eliza Lumley
  28. Body Below - Mirah
  29. Adieu Mon Coeur (Edith Piaf Cover) - My Brightest Diamond
  30. Bird On Your Grave - Marissa Nadler
  31. DJ Ease My Mind - Niki &The Dove
  32. Entanglements - The Parenthetical Girls
  33. I Dream of Chicago - Parlours
  34. Pupils Blink - Peggy Sue
  35. Kissing You Goodbye - The Pierces
  36. Let Go - The Postmarks
  37. Why Have We To Wait (The Pussycats Cover) - Razika
  38. Change is Hard - She and Him
  39. Melt - Nicole Simone
  40. Fall Foliage - Soap&Skin
  41. In Our Bedroom, After the War - Stars
  42. Magic of the Crashing Stars - Tender Forever
  43. Shape Up - Total Babe
  44. Zombie - The Trucks
  45. Cigarettes and Chocolate Milk - Rufus Wainwright
  46. Moses - Chelsea Wolfe
  47. Elephants - Rachael Yamagata

Tura Lura Tulle! Welcome to Revival!

Tulle Military Shirt Dress - $58

Here at Revival we are so excited to announce that we are now carrying Tulle, one of our very most favorite brands.  Tulle is known for smart dresses, super soft sweaters and the most adorable coats.  Check out some of our first styles.  So cute!

Tulle Khaki Zip Up Capelet -$62
Tulle Red Toggle Pea Coat (perfect for Fall!!) - $88

Tulle Cobalt Pea Coat - $86
Check out our matching Tulle shop window designed by our visual manager, Shopgirl Liz!! So much fall cuteness going on, we don't even know what to do with ourselves.

xoxo-Shopgirl Anna

Friday, August 10, 2012

Shopgirl Hannah's Top Dog Farewell Playlist :( Revival Playlist #6

After two years at Revival, our little sister, Shopgirl Hannah, is soon to depart her beloved Iowa City for a year long (or more) adventure in Santander, Spain.  But before she leaves, she promised us one more Revival playlist.   The Top Dog Farewell Playlist is an eclectic collection of favorite songs that at one time or another 'were Hannah's jam.'

1. "Going up the Country" by Canned Heat
"It reminds me of being young, free-spirited, and delightfully naive.  I guess not much has changed."

2. "Them There Eyes" by Billie Holiday
"My springtime walking home in Iowa City song.  And one of the few happy Billie Holiday tunes."

3. "Nothing in this World Can Stop Me Worrying About That Girl" by The Kinks
"Just a pretty Kinks song.  Who hates the Kinks?  Nobody, that is who."

4. "Eat Starch Mom" by Jefferson Airplane
"My style icon (Grace Slick, duh) is a bad ass, and this song displays it nicely, thank you."

5. "Long Time Gone" by Crosby, Stills, & Nash
"The song in the beginning of the Woodstock Doc I saw in my teen years.  I have loved it ever since."

6.  "Box #10" by Jim Croce
"A song for my Dad.  We used to listen to Jim Croce on the drive to school and this super sad song was our fave.  It was on a cassette tape, so we couldn't skip right to it.  We just had to wait for it and I was excited every time."

7.  "Dream a Little Dream of Me" by The Mamas & The Papas
"Just one of the prettiest, most heartfelt songs around."

8. "Bring it on Home to Me" by Sam Cooke
"Because Sam Cooke can do no wrong. SIGH."

9. "This Time Tomorrow" by The Kinks
"Another Kinks song.  So wistful, it just sounds like saying goodbye."

10.  "You Ain't Going Nowhere" by Bob Dylan
"A favorite from my lengthy Bob Dylan phase."

11. "For What It's Worth" by Buffalo Springfield
"This song has just been my absolute favorite since I was in the 3rd Grade.  Thank you Oldies 93.3 KIOA out of Des Moines for shaping my tastes.  Then they added oldies music and it started to suck."

12. "Plastic Fantastic Lover" by Jefferson Airplane
"Jefferson Airplane triggered my obsession with the 1960's.  'Somebody to Love' was the theme song used in the made-for-tv mini-series 'The 60's.'  I was 10 and my mom let me stay up late on a Sunday night to watch it.  I was never the same and have since been Grace Slick for multiple Halloweens."

13. "Days" by the Kinks
"Thanks for the Days Iowa City.  Love you.  Plus the Kinks are one of my favorite bands, so they are just going to be on here 3 times."

14.  "Both Sides Now" by Joni Mitchell
"What can give you more closure than this song? Or does it?  Can you ever completely leave Iowa City?"

 xoxo-Shopgirl Hannah

Friday, August 3, 2012

Just Some Olympic Glory Jams: Revival's Friday Playlist!

See...Gabby Douglas really can fly!
There is nothing like the thrill of the Olympics!  What can beat the stories of focus, endurance and sacrifice?  Nothing, we tell you.  Plus, we can't forget all those sparkly costumes.

Over wings and vodka sodas at Donnelly's Shopgirls Anna and Hannah threw this together, as the Girls All Around Gymnastics Finals played in the background.  Just a few hits for you, just off the top of the dome.  We like to think of this as Jock Jams for the Gold Metal Set.

Song 1: "Chariots of Fire" - Vangelis
Shopgirl Hannah:  "We have to include that, you know, either first or last.  It is what the Olympics sounds like."

Song 2: "London Calling" - The Clash
Shopgirl Anna:  "Because the Olympics are in London, duh"

Song 3: "Viva La Vida" - Coldplay
Shopgirl Anna: "Because they are English and it sort of sounds like 'Chariots of Fire.'

Song 4:  "My Generation" - The Who
Shopgirl Anna: "Once again they are English and they sound badass."

Song 5: "You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet" - Bachman-Turner Overdrive
Shopgirl Hannah: "I can just visualize all the athletes in their little outfits marching around to this."

Song 6: "Run this Town" - Jay-Z with Rihanna and Kanye West
Shopgirl Anna:  "Because the Americans are going to run London.  USA! USA! USA!"

Song 7: "We are the Champions" - Queen
Shopgirl Hannah: "Classic."

Song 8: "I Believe I Can Fly" - R. Kelly
Shopgirl Hannah: "Because we believe in the American girls gymnastics team, and I believe they can fly."

Song 9: "Uprising" - Muse
Shopgirl Anna:  "I bet Michael Phelps has that song playing in his headphones AS WE SPEAK."

Song 10: "Jump Around" - House of Pain
Shopgirl Hannah:  "Let's do this one because it is so peppy.  You know, energetic."

Song 11: "Eye of the Tiger" - Survivor
Shopgirl Anna:  "Classic II"

Song 12: "Gold on the Ceiling" - The Black Keys
Shopgirl Anna: "Let's get some indie rock up in this joint.  Plus it was the best option when I googled 'songs about gold.'

Please enjoy our art. Happy Olympics.

Go for the Gold - Shopgirls Anna & Hannah

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Sheila Styles: Classic Navy Pretty Pleated Skirt

Challenge #2 for Shopowner Sheila!  Take our Classic Pretty Pleated Skirt in and style it three ways that are perfect for either Summer or Fall.  Impossible, you say?  Oh no, Sheila is clearly up for the challenge (and wearing an adorable maxi dress while she is at it!). 

 Look One: Localista Lovely!

Show some community pride in a cutie Little Village T tucked into our Pretty Pleated Skirt!  Add a sporty belt and cute flats and you are good to go.  Don't forget our Sailor Stripe Baggu Tote (now back in stock!)!

Pretty Pleated Skirt in Navy ($32 available in store or via phone order)
Little Village T Shirt ($20 available online or in store)
Baggu Sailor Stripe Tote ($26 available in store or via phone order)
Belt (resale - available in store)
Flats (resale - SOLD)

Look Two : Lacy Lady Look 

Prim and proper (just like most of us dream of, but never quite are), this lacy lady look can take you from work to cocktails with your love!  Add tights and you can wear this look all winter long!

Pretty Pleated Skirt in Navy ($32 available in store or via phone order)
Active Basics Peach Camisole ($8 available in store or via phone order)
Cream Lace Shell ($12 resale -available in store)
Belt ($12.50 vintage - available in store)
Shoes (resale- available in store)
Kate Spade Silk Purse (resale - SOLD)

Look Three: Seattle Style!

Like it or not the plaid flannel is BACK!  And it does look adorable we must say.  We swear this outfit is straight out of Singles.  Don't be afraid to mix a flannel with a more ladylike skirt.  It can work! 

 Pretty Pleated Skirt in Navy ($32 available in store or via phone order)
Active Basics Gray Camisole ($8 available in store or via phone order)

Flannel Button Down Shirt (resale- SOLD)

Necklace ($12 resale - available in store)
Vintage purple Coach bag (resale- SOLD)

One great skirt and three great looks.  Style on, Sheila!

xoxo-Shopgirl Anna