Friday, August 24, 2012

'An Extended Ride North:' A Revival Friday Playlist

Created by Playlist extraordinaire, honorary Shopgirl (Shopguy?), and husband to Ms. Sugarplum Cupcakes!

"Well, the only way I see this happening is in an extended ride north. When I say that I mean a long, terrible, trying trip…"

­ The Idea of North, by Glenn Gould, 1967

Stars:  'The Theory of Relativity'
I was in phase about a month back where I enjoyed swearing in songs, this one
is a hold over, nice beat. Neat little clip I found when researching the quote at
the begging.

Hacienda: 'Savage'
I think Dan Auerbach is behind everything I love these days.

Nick Gilder: 'Hot Child in the City'
You could call this my welcome to all the Freshmen, I say this in a strictly
platonic way. Run Wild!

Joan Jett: 'Crimson and Clover'
1:19 to 1:45 is my fav

****this song isn't available on Spotify so here is a little You Tube for your enjoyment

Twin Shadow: 'Five Seconds'
Love the 80's revivalism, pretty much anything after 2:29 is great, actually
figured out how to program the song in iTunes to start at 2:29.

blur: 'Under the Westway'
A really complex and beautiful song.

blur: 'Song 2'
I had to...

The Shins: '40 Mark Strasse'
I think this is the cleanest, well composed song I have heard in while.

Passion Pit: 'Take a Walk'
This song burns bright for me, meaning I loved it, but only for a short time.

Ryan Adams: 'Ashes and Fire'
I've tried to sing along, but regretfully cannot. Whatever comes in at 1:54 seals
the deal for me

The Walkmen: 'Heartbreaker'
I've got nothing, just like it.

Trampled by Turtles: 'Midnight on the Interstate'
I love me some Turtles, the fiddle harmony toward the end is magical.

The Delfonics: 'Didn't I'
Self explanatory.

I would also love to give huge props, love the free stream!


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