Sunday, January 29, 2012

Local Vendor Sunday: daniAwesome is Awesome

Since Revival opened its doors we have been pleased and proud to carry truly fantastic local designers and brands. These days, one of our favorites is the Des Moines-based accessory line, daniAwesome.

We are in love with designer Dani Ausen's ridiculously popular hair accessories. Both retro and fresh, these gorgeous pieces manage to convey a lovely vintage aesthetic while remaining sophisticated and current. Considering these words are pretty much antonyms, that is no easy task.
All of Ausen's items are made with natural feathers and are as individual as the lucky lady who snags them.

New to Revival this season are feather earring and these neat 'Specimen' necklaces. So pretty and scientific at the same time! ($16).
The quality is out the door and the prices are just so do-able, ranging from $12 - $24.

Cheers to you and daniAwesome! Happy Sunday.

xoxo- Shopgirl A

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