Tuesday, September 18, 2012

That Black Motorcycle Jacket: Tuesday Yea or Nay

From the moment Leather Tuscadero hit the airwaves in 'Happy Days,' the black leather motorcycle jacket has been a fashion staple.  Time and trends only change the details, but the classic black leather remains the same.

While this jacket will keep you warm, it comes with added benefits...mainly attitude for miles and an enhanced ability to be a badass.  Tread with caution, because you will have to resist the urge to pick fights and drink whiskey.  

Here are some images to get you in the black leather mood!  Then come to Revival and find your own to rock.  

Suzi Quatro looking boss.
Vintage Hell's Angel "old lady' drinking beer and looking tougher than us.

Vintage Hell's Angels 'old ladies'

Motorcycle Jackets and black roots = great combo

We are pleased as punch that the trend is back!  What about you, friends?

xoxo-Shopgirl Anna


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