Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Ramblin' Mix: A Sunday Shopgirl Playlist (with matching accessories)

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The other day Shopgirl Theresa noticed that poor country & western had been neglected in Revival Shopgirl Playlist land.  She pulled on her cowgirl boots and resolved to fix that tout suite.

So ladies and gentlemen, Shopgirl Theresa presents "A Ramblin' Mix," and a few adorable accessories to match.

1.  Hank Williams : "Hey Good Lookin'"

2. Townes Van Zandt : "11 Mr. Mudd and Mr. Gold"

3. Gillian Welch : "Hard Times"

4. Dolly Parton : "Jolene"

5. Freakwater: "Gravity"

6. Townes Van Zandt : "Lungs"

7.  Milk & Eggs : "Like Water"

8. Liberty Leg : "Country Doctor"

9. Woody Guthrie : "Tear the Fascists Down"

10. Loretta Lynn & Jack White : "Portland, Oregon"

11. Hank Williams : "Mind Your Own Business"

12. Willie Nelson :  "Yesterday's Wine"

13. Gillian Welch : "Scarlet Town"

14. Harlan T. Bobo : "Left Your House Unlocked"

Looking for something adorable to match our playlist?  Take a look!

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