Friday, September 21, 2012

The Blue Moon (R.I.P. Neil Armstrong): Fall Revival Playlist to Keep Warm To

We have been begging and pleading for Fall.  We wanted tights, and boots, and cozy knits, and jackets, jackets, jackets!  Well, we got it (sort of).   Iowa City is approaching the Autumn equinox with rainy showers and highs in the mid-50's; so just about right...

Tulle Red Toggle Pea Coat: $88

To celebrate we put together a pumpkin spice latte scented playlist for you friends, and it is our longest in history.  We made sure to include some of our local music loves like Liberty Leg (swoon) and The Old Scratch Revival Singers (spooky scary!), as well as "Come and Get Your Love" from Redbone, one of the greatest songs of all time.  In the last month, we had a blue moon and lost American icon Neil Armstrong, so to this we dedicate these jams.  In celebration of these mid-50's temps, we included some adorable Tulle sweaters & jackets.  We swear they will keep you warm and cute!

Tulle CUTE!

Thanks to (now) Spanish Shopgirl Hannah and Guest Shopgirl and Fulltime Mannequin A. Joseph 'Mao for putting most of this list together!

xoxo-Shopgirl Anna

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