Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Sheila Styles: Over the Knee Socks How-to

We are over the moon for our new Sock It To Me Over the Knee Socks.  Cute and warm, this trend is actually the coziest one yet!   Think about it, friends...fluffy,  comfy socks from Sock it To Me but Bigger and More and in adorable fall colors like mustard and forest green.  What part of that isn't awesome?

Over the Knee Socks from Sock it To Me: $16
available in Mustard, Orange, Black/Blue Stripe, Gray, Forest, Black

The next question is always, "How exactly do I wear these bad boys without looking too Clueless?"  While we loved Cher's thigh highs in that cinema classic, it might not quite be the Fall cute that was your goal.  Soooo Shopowner Sheila cooked up a few adorable ideas.  

Look #1: Cozy Campus Casual.

We love this cute look almost as much as we love alliteration!

Boots: Shopowner Sheila's own.
Socks: Over the Knee Socks: Gray Cable Knit - $16.
Skirt: Final Touch Chambray Mini - $36

Look #2: Edgy Layered Loverly

Cute, cute, cute.  Try out this look with chunky sandals in these first few weeks of fall.

Shoes: Gianni Bini Revival Resale, Size 9- $18
Socks: Over the Knee Socks: Gray Cable Knit - $16.
Skirt: Forest Green Revival Resale - $8 (!)

Look #3: Black Knee Socks & The Lets Go Out Tonights

Chilly weather is the worst enemy to your favorite little black mini.  Show stupid 'low temps' who is boss with the black over the knees socks.  Wear over tights (paired here with a cute ankle bootie) and winterize your favorite skirt.

Boots: Softt Suede Booties, Size 9 - $32
Socks: Over the Knee Socks: Black Cable Knit - $16.
Skirt: Ambiance Black Ribbed Mini- $18

Look #4: Casual Cute in Mustard

We LOVE.  Enough said.  The pop of autumn color is just enough to be perfect.  Pair with our Active Basics jeggings and your favorite fall boots for a fantastic fall look.

Boots: Shopowner Sheila's own.
Socks: Over the Knee Socks: Ribbed Mustard- $16
Jeans: Active Basics Pocket Jeggings- $18

Don't be afraid!  Give it a go!

xoxo-Shopgirl Anna

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  1. Bravo!! I just ordered the over the knee in mustard, but the boots you got at the resale in #2 are to die for!!!!!!