Friday, October 12, 2012

Glitterbomb! A Revival Friday Playlist

A glittery, platform clad Revival playlist from Shopgirl Anna....Enjoy!

I first put this playlist together after FINALLY seeing Velvet Goldmine.  All those clothes, 70's style sex, drugs, and faux Bowie rock'n'roll was a glitter-encrusted trigger for days of Wikipedia look-ups, Spotify listens, Netflix documentary-watching on topics ranging from Gary Glitter's proclivity for young girls, New York Dolls reunions, and Cherry Vanilla's rise to PR maven.   So...most of my favorite things, really!  I hope you listen and do something decadent (while wearing a fantastic outfit) and a little foolish.  And, just so you know, there is a good amount of Bowie, just because that is how I roll.

Happy Glitterbomb, everyone!  

Track 1: "Ballroom Blitz" - Sweet

"I first fell in love with this song, when I heard Wayne Campbell's soon-to-be girlfriend, Cassandra, sing this in Wayne's World with her band Crucial Taunt.  I am still on the fence over which version is better."

Track 2: "20th Century Boy"- T. Rex

"Like Mott the Hoople said, 'Oh man I need tv when I got T.Rex.'  Plus, I always wanted a twentieth century boy.  I was just born at the wrong time, I guess."

Track 3: "Oh the Pretty Things" - David Bowie

"David Bowie is just one of my favorites of all time.  This song is so hoppy and skippy, and it makes me wish I had been more wild and crazy when I was 19."

Track 4: "Personality Crisis" - New York Dolls

"The New York Dolls seem like they could share make-up tips, teach you how to mug someone, and show you where to score hard drugs.  All the things one needs in a friend!"

Pretty creepy, eh?

Track 5: "Do You Want to Touch Me (Oh Yeah)" - Gary Glitter

"One of the greatest songs ever.  I play this in my head when walking into a party where I don't know anyone and everyone else looks great and is having a fabulous time.  I try not to think about the child molestation thing."

"My favorite is the top hot/body suit guy in the back.  Yowza!"

Track 6: "All the Young Dudes" - Mott the Hoople

"I mean, have you EVER heard a better band name?  Bowie wrote this song and gave it to Mott the Hoople so they would stay together (didn't work)."

"Sweet sort of looks like the Fruit of the Loom guys."

Track 7: "Fox on the Run" - Sweet

"If (when) my life becomes a movie, there will certainly be a 'running around town' or shopping montage of some sort to this song.  And I like the marching sound in the chorus."

"Jayne County being a badass."
Track 8: "Private Oyster/Man Enough to be a Woman" - Jayne County

"I have always wanted to hear The Shangri-las on acid.  Jayne County knows how to give me what I want."

Track 9: "Ziggy Stardust" - David Bowie

"I really don't feel like I need to explain this one."

Track 10: "Love is the Drug" - Roxy Music

"This song kind of sounds like having sex and doing drugs during the 1970's.  Not the really gnarly drugs, but ones we don't know much about these quaaludes."

Track 11: "Seven Day Weekend" - New York Dolls

"LOVE this cover of the classic Gary US Bonds song.  I can only imagine this boppy classic done by 7 foot dudes with tons of hair, smeared make up, and sweaty leather outfits covered in Bowery street-ness."

Track 12: "Queen Bitch" - David Bowie

"Sorry, I just love this one.  'The taste in my mouth is no taste at all..."

Track 13: "Jeepster" - T. Rex

"I have no idea what a Jeepster is, but I trust Marc Bolan. Well, I trust Marc Bolan before he got kinda fat and lost his marbles."

"Jayne County & Divine? How Divine!"
Track 14:  "One of the Boys" - Mott the Hoople

"With all that gender-bending going on, glam rock is one of the only periods in rock'n'roll where I might actually look like one of the boys."

Track 15: "Rock'n'Roll Suicide" - David Bowie

"Great way to (almost) end this playlist.  Bowie's 4th showing on this playlist.  Too much?  Sorry-too bad.  Go make your own."

Track 16: "Are you a Boy or Are you a Girl" - Jayne County

"I JUST heard Jayne County's version of this Barbarians song - one of my other faves.  Absolutely perfect for Jayne County and just perfect for a glam rock list."

Enjoy!  And go grab something sparkly from Revival Online!

xoxo-Shopgirl Anna

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