Monday, July 22, 2013

Wear It Like That: Weekend Seaside Roadtrip Warrior

Our very own Shopgirl Teah kissed her pups & fiancee goodbye and headed out for a good ole' fashioned, last minute road trip to the Atlantic Ocean.  So Weekend Warriors, let's pick out the perfect outfit.  Our fave summer shorts from Kissing in Traffic mixed with a vintage sailboat tank makes for an adorable ensemble.  Mix a few prints, add the perfect sandals, and don't forget a cute hat to protect the mug.  Here's to unexpected summertime adventures.  Anchors away, friends!

Hat: Revival Resale Classic Straw Hat//$14 (available in store)

Top: Revival Vintage Sailboat Tank//$6 (SOLD)

Shorts: Kissing in Traffic Custom Polka Dot Cut Offs sz. 27//$48 (available in store)

Shoes: Toast Leather Sandals//$18 (available in store & online. click here to shop)

Sunnies: Clear Rounders with Mirror Lenses//$14 (available in store)

Bracelet: Ornamental Things Heavyweight Chain Bracelets//$34 (available in store)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Wear It Like That: Weekend Festival Warrior

While the temps are hot and the sun is shining, we just want to 'cut class' and go play.  Alas, rents come due and there is no such thing as a free lunch, so back to work/class we go.   But the weekend, friends! We are all fab weekend warriors and we need outfits to match.  Yesterday we dressed the Weekend Wedding Warrior, today we tackle the festival!  From Lollapalooza to Solon Beef Days, this outfit would be perfecto!

Top: Kissing in Traffic Vintage Floral Cropped Top//$32 (available in store)

Hat: Delux Straw Hat with Leather Band//$30 (available in store)

Shorts: Revival Resale Levi's Green Cut Offs sz. 26//$18 (available in store)

Sunnies: Tortoise Shell Roundies//$14 (available in store)

Shoes: Revival Resale Kimchi Blue Wood Sandals sz. 9//$22 (available in store & via phone order)

Bracelets: Serafina Rope & Circle Bracelets//$20 per bracelet (available in store)

Bag: Baggu Canvas Backpack in Nutmeg//$42 (available in store)


Monday, July 15, 2013

Wear It Like That: Weekend Wedding Warrior

Late July & August are smack dab in the middle of wedding season, and we are constantly on the lookout for the perfect ensemble.  A fab mix of sweet details and bold prints, our Weekend Wedding Warrior works for almost any occasion.  Include our sweet Tulle Rose sweater for daytime, then remove and dance the night away in our stunning Uttam Boutique Bird Print Dress.

Dress: Uttam Boutique Tribal Bird Print Beaded Dress//$142 (click to shop)

Cardigan: Tulle Fleur Embroidered Cardigan Sweater//$62 (click to shop)

Sunnies: Tan Roundies//$14 (available in store)

Shoes: Revival Vintage Town & Country Gold Pumps sz. 6//$18 (available in store)

Clutch: Handbag Republic Waffle Gold Patent Clutch Wallet//$26 (available in store)

Bracelet: Reworked Vintage Pink Flower Gold Cuff//$32 (available in store & via phone order)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Local Love: Luther Bangert Spectacular Record Breaking Spectacle!

Shopgirls love the IC, and Saturday, July 14th was an excellent reminder exactly why we love our little town. In the center of the Ped Mall, surrounded by kids, dogs, and kid-like adults, Iowa City's saw-playing busker and favored mustachioed showman, Luther Bangert attempted and finally broke a Guinness World Record! 

 Luther attempted the feat several times with no success, leaving the audience to wonder, "Can he do it?" and "How many times can a person swallow a sword in a row? Seriously, how many?" With the toot of a nearby tuba, Bangert swallowed his sword one last time and juggled 5 balls at once for a record MAKING 11.5 seconds! The crowd clapped and cheered his name, and slightly nervous parents reminded their children that swords are not for swallowing. Cirque Stupendo played, fire breathing and balancing acts commenced, and a great time was had by all!

Pre-record juggling practice

The Swallow!

Great balls of fire!

Pre-Show Warm Up Act

Saw playin'
Thanks to Luther Bangert for allowed us to be a part of his accomplishment, and thanks to Iowa City for being delightful!


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wear It Like That: Red, White, & Rock and Roll

Tomorrow is America's birthday friends, and seriously, what is more American than rock and roll?  Pair shorts and your favorite rocker tee with our vintage American Flag scarf and you are set!  

Scarf: Love Stitch Vintage American Flag Scarf//$32 (click here to shop)

Shoes: Revival Resale Converse Chucks in White sz. 6//$14 (available in store & via phone order)

Shirt: Revival Vintage Bon Jovi Tee sz. L//$18 (SOLD)

Shorts: Nameless Striped Shorties//$36 (available in store)

Sunnies: Cream Smarty Sunnies//$14 (available in store)

Bag: Street Level Vegan Leather Backpack in Blue//$52 (available in store & via phone order)

Wallet: Joia Striped Zip Around Wallet//$12.50 (available in store & via phone order)


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wear It Like That: Red, White & Rainbows

Summertime heat means it is easier to keep it simple, right?  But that gets a little dullsville real quickly.  So we made sure our Red, White, & Rainbow ensemble solves both problems.  Our Tribal Cotton Maxi Dress is cool and basic, but the additions are not!  Pair with a great shoe, fun pop accessories, and don't be afraid to mix a few prints.

Dress: Diosa Tribal Print Cotton Maxi Dress//$46 (available in store & via phone order)

Necklace: Mata Traders Wood Triangle Necklace//$24 (available in store & via phone order)

Earrings: Made Metal Earrings//$39 (available in store & via phone order)

Scarf: Love Stitch Rainbow Scarf//$48 (click here to shop

Sunglasses: Art Deco Rounders//$14 (available in store & via phone order)

Bag: Revival Resale Fringe Bag//$64 (available in store & via phone order)

Shoes: Yoki Punched Leather Wedges sz. 8.5//$16 (SOLD)


Wear It Like That: Red, White, & Black Bikini Tops

This vintage swimsuit/lounge wear combo is just too adorable.  Add some adorable red, white, and blue touches (and a little of heavy metal), and you are prepped for your favorite 4th of July boating, lounging, beaching, grilling, or slip'n'slide activities!!

Suit:  Revival Vintage Bathing Suit sz. L//$28 (available in store & via phone order)

Bracelets: Erica Weiner Coil Bracelets//$30 per bracelet (click here to shop)

Sandals: Saltwater Sandals//$38 (click here to shop)

Sunnies: Uptown Poolside Cat Eyes//$14 (click here to shop)

Tote Bag: Vegan Friendly Bucket Bag in White//$48 (available in store & via phone order)

Scarf: Love Stitch "We the People" Scarf//$48 (click here to shop)

Click to shop our Red, White, & Blue collection!


Monday, July 1, 2013

Wear It Like That: America's Bell Bottom Belle

Almost Happy Birthday America!  In celebration, we put together some adorable Red, White, & Blue themed 'Wear it Like That' outfits just for you.

Look 1: Perfect for that vintage loving Bell Bottom Belle!

Sunnies: Round Town Festival Sunnies in Black & White Stripe//$14  (click here to shop)

Earrings: Serafina Gold Reworked Vintage Earrings//$36 (available in store & via phone order)

Bracelets: (available in store & via phone order)
Serafina Studded Bracelets//$36
Serafina Square Stud Bracelet//$20

Skates: Revival Vintage Rip Skates sz. 7//$58 (available in store)

Purse: Street Level Studded Bucket Bag in Cream//$32 (available in store & via phone order)

Top: Revival Resale Beni Bell Top sz. 36//$12 (available in store & via phone order)

Jeans: Revival Vintage High Waisted Bell Bottoms sz. 6//$32 (available in store & via phone order)

Click here to shop our online Red, White & Blue collection.

xoxo- Shopgirl