Friday, December 12, 2014

Revival Has Grown! Come visit our New Blog!

Hey friends!  As of September 2014 Revival has a new website & a new blog!  Visit us at for all kinds of chic, bloggy goodness.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Revival + Yotopia = #froyocute

Yumi Kitty Sweater + Iowa Charm Necklace + Yotopia = Adorable
Quick question.  What is cuter than kitty cat sweaters and new fall Revival style?  What is more fun than a froyo date with friends on Ped Mall?  Both at once, of course!!  

Revival + Yotopia = #froyocute

Revival and Yotopia, Iowa City’s original froyo, have teamed up to bring you #froyocute.   Cool off with delicious, locally-sourced froyo and snag an exclusive deal at the cutest store around.  It's real easy. 

Step 1: Follow Revival & Yotopia on Instagram or Twitter (links below)
Step 2: Regram/Retween our #froyocute post (or post your own #froyocute)
Step 3: Show your regram/retweet to the cashier when purchasing delicious Yotopia froyo
Step 4: Receive an exclusive deal from Revival!  

-Purchase at Yotopia is necessary to win this deal
-Contest runs from 9/2-9/5 or while supplies last

Click on these links to follow us on social media!

Please email with any questions regarding this contest!  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Haiku for Baggu: A Shopgirl Love Letter

I love my Baggu
Pouches, backpacks, clutches, totes
All I want is you!

All the Shopgirls agree
Soft leather to tough canvas
Baggu is for me

Seriously friends, the all the new cute from Baggu is AMAZING.  Come see for yourself!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Look of the Day: Beach It

We adore our beach-ready/Iowa-autumn-appropriate Cream Fringe Pullover Sweater from Love Stitch.  Pair with cut-offs and bare feet for breezy summer evenings, and the classic jeans/ankle boots combo when the weather gets a bit crispier.

Love Stitch Beach Fringe Sweater: $68 (click here to shop)
Black Beach Sunnies: $14 (available in store)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Look of the Day: Navy & Coral

This 'easy to wear' top from Blu Pepper mixes two of our favorite colors, navy & coral, just perfectly!  Gorgeous embroidery has been added to the sleeves for a touch of fun.  Pair with our Coral Sheba Necklace from Fredrick Prince.

Blu Pepper Tribal Cuff Top in Navy: $42 (available in store)
Fredrick Prince Coral Sheba Necklace: $62 (available in store)

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Look of the Day: The Wandering Gypsy

When things get tough and that email inbox is way too overwhelming, we close our eyes and dream of a simpler life.  Let's pack it all in and hit the road!  Let's be wandering gypsies...

Knot Sisters Wandering Gypsy Tank: $36 (available in store)
Black Round Sunnies: $14 (available in store)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Look of the Day: The Weekend LBD

Chic meets comfort in our crochet trimmed long sleeved tee dress!  Glam it up with jewels from our favorite new jewelry line, Fredrick Prince.  The geometric petal necklace mixes blush pink stones with touches of pyrite and lapis.  GORGEOUS.

Crochet Shift Dress: $46 (shop now)
Fredrick Prince Geometric Petal Necklace: $64 (available in store)

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Look of the Day: Cropped Crochet

Showcase a few of our fave summertime trends, all in one place!  Pair this adorable look with a midi skirt or high waisted jeans for maximum effect.

Crochet Cropped Tank: $28 (available in store)
Turkish Delight Horn Necklace: $42 (available in store)
Janis Round Sunnies in Gunmetal: $14 (available in store)

Monday, August 11, 2014

Look of the Day: Boho Bomb

Boho is alive and well...AND super cute.  We layered our brand new sheer Printed Top from Blu Pepper with Indian glass beaded necklaces.  Top it off with a wide brimmed straw hat and you are set for that summer sun.

Blu Pepper Paisley Print Sheer Top: $42 (available in store)
Glass Beads & Tassel Necklaces: $16 per strand (available in store)
Revival Resale Straw Hat: $10.50 (available in store)

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Look of the Day: Polka Dottie

Summer isn't over, friends!  We have scores of 85 degree days ahead of us, so keep it cute with this Polka Dottie Dress from Everly and the perfect pair of pop sunnies.

Everly Polka Dottie Dress: $42 (available in store)
Orange Crush Sunnies: $14 (available in store)

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Create this Look: The Metallic Midi Skirt

While leafing through the pages of a favorite fashion rag, our Shopgirl Liz spotted this cozy/glam Fall look!  Here is how Liz styled this high fashion inspiration, making it Iowa City street ready. 

The Inspiration:

Metallic Pleated Midi Skirt
Chunky Tonal Knit Sweater 
Summer Sandals

Wear It Now:

Vintage Metallic Midi Skirt from Revival
Cap Sleeve Cotton Body Suit: $14 (click here to shop)
Fredrick Prince Statement Necklace (available in store)
Flat Sandals in Black
Black Leather Belt

Wear It in Fall:

Vintage Metallic Skirt
Chunky Secondhand Gray Sweater
Tan Strappy Sandals (substitute for ankle boots come October!)

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Adornable: Localvore Style

Localvore: apparently this means a person dedicated to eating food grown and produced locally – but why not a person dedicated to all things local? Our town has atmosphere, artists and attitude.

And so do these garbs. Check out this off-shoulder top by isa maisa ~ subtly sexy and hand stitched at the front. The distressed Linn Street vintage brass locket made by your very own Shopgirls adds a bit of shine to this flowy number. For those chilly July nights (inorite? #onlyiniowa), a cheery infinity scarf like this one from Night Owl Bliss will always add color & flair.
isa maisa handmade blouse : $54 (available in store)
revival custom made Linn Street Locket: $18 (click here to shop)
night owl bliss floral infinity scarf: $22 (available in store)

Speaking of fab, you’ve heard of {made}, right? This community collective of artists uses renewable and re-purposed materials in their simple, stunning jewelry – always giving back 9% of their profits to local charities.

{made} community Abundance bracelets: $14 (available in store)

Nearly next door to Revival's brick-and-mortar location are our sarcastic brethren at Raygun: making the Midwest shine one proud city pun at a time. Proceeds from Iowa City's 'Anything Goes' tee go directly back to the Iowa City Downtown District.  

raygun "Anything Goes" tee: available for purchase at the ICDD website (click here to shop)

And as ever, we count on Bustleworship’s relaxed hand to adorn our ears with leather and fringe: charming, always, with a commissioned Baggu drawstring bag made only for Revival. 

bustleworship cute leather earrings: available in store
Baggu x Revival leather satchel: $40 (click here to shop)


About our blogger: 

Claire McGranahan (the voice of Adornable) has been a loyal fangirl of Revival since the store opened in 2003. Aside from fashion, Claire loves coffee, banter, cooking and collecting gemstones. She's been called a documenter more than once. Check out more of her photos herehere and here.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Revival's Semi-Annual Buying Break: July 17th-27th

Hello friends! It is that time of year again.  Revival will cease buying clothing and accessories on July 17th through July 27th.  We will resume buying on July 28th seeking transitional Fall items.  We apologize for any inconvenience!  Happy Summer.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Summer Lookbook//Une Femme Est Une Femme

A true collaboration, our mid-summer lookbook is a love letter to the gorgeous films, and more specifically the gorgeous ladies, of la Nouvelle Vague. 

Knot Sisters Visions Tee in Caramel//Dear Creatures Walden Shorts in Dk Wash//Revival Custom Made Linn Street Locket $18//Fada NYC Brass ID bracelet

Velvet Heart Swing Chambray Dress//Fada NYC Amber Watch Necklace

Knot Sisters Cream Lace Kimono//Revival Vintage Black Dress//Revival Vintage Leopard Kiss Lock Clutch/Revival Vintage Ferragamo Heels//Erica Weiner Silver Heartbeats Necklace//Fada NYC green ring//Vintage Pearl Studded Sunglasses (stylists own)

Knot Sisters Michelle Dress in Black//Fade NYC 'I Love You' Brass Envelope Necklace//Jesslyn Blake Crimson Bike Tote

All items available in store at Revival

Follow us on Instagram at @revivaliowacity for more of this series


Concept & Styling: Denise Jarrott
Model: Denise Jarrott
Photography: Anna Wickes
Editing: Abbey Sandberg 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Vegan Goodness: Local Love//Terry Trueblood Rec Area

Dragonflies, kayaks, sunshine, OH MY! 

Are you looking for an adventure? Look no farther than Terry Trueblood Recreation Area which is just 2 miles south of Iowa City! 

Fin & Feather H2O opened it's concession and boat rental stand up one year ago (June of 2013). The land was originally bought in 2006 and according to the page, the area was once a sand and gravel quarry. Its most recent improvements have been F&F H2O and a lodge that can be rented for special events.

The lodge is destined to become the next hot wedding venue. Seriously check it out.

The area also sports a playground and several new shelters that are positioned at different points of the lake. The Iowa River Corridor Trail will lead bicyclists to Terry Trueblood (the name is so fun to say) which loops around the lake or it's a quick drive outside of city limits.

Usually I ride my bicycle or in-line skate around the lake but this week, I have gone both kayaking and paddle boarding. (I just can't get enough!) They also offer canoe and paddle boat rentals. 

Make sure you have your receipt sent to an email, this is how you start a digital punch card. The 10th punch offers a discount on your next rental! 

For more information about the rentals: 

Photo by Chris Ford
About our Blogger: 

A lover of nature, board games, animals, Volvos, crafting, and adventure of all varieties, Theresa Rensimer is also a talented and enthusiastic vegan baker & cook. She has been known to raise the bar at every potluck she attends and always breaks for squirrels. 

Read more Vegan Goodness at her blog 
Like Vegan Goodness on Facebook here 
Read her Revival Shopgirl Profile here

Listen Up: Neil Young's "The Loner"

Listening to: "The Loner" from Neil Young.  Click to listen. 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Monday, June 30, 2014

Sheila Styles: Casual Summer Style

The temps are high, the humidity is full blast, and the sun is out!  It is officially a full blown Iowa summer.  When the wilting heat is a daily reality, how do you keep a fresh look?  Our Shop owner Sheila is here to help you out!  She has styled 4 easy, breezy looks that promise to be cool and comfortable.  

Look 1: Chic Shorts with Metallic Touches 
Top: Knot Sisters Simple Top $46
Shorts: Revival Resale J Crew Shorts 
Shoes: Saltwater Sandals in Gold $38
Bag: Revival Resale 2 Tone Purse -SOLD
Sunnies: Replay Sunglasses Tortoiseshell Roundies $18
Fada NYC Tortoise Watch Necklace -SOLD
Larisa Loden Brass Cage Necklace: $42
Revival Custom Made Iowa Charm: $28 (click to shop)

Look 2: Cut off Cool
Top: Knot Sisters Simple Top $46
Shorts: Revival Vintage Cut Offs (tip: find a pair with at least a 2.5" inseam)
Shoes: Revival Resale Sam Edelman Jeweled Sandals SOLD
Bag: Street Level Khaki Foldover Bag $56 (click to shop)
Sunnies: Replay Vintage Aviators $18
Scarf: Watercolor Tasseled Scarf $16
Fada NYC Brass Point Necklace $16
Fade NYC Beaded Whistle Brass Necklace $22
Made Community Turquoise Drop Earrings $36

Look 3: Simple & Smart

Dress: Glamorous Simple Style Cotton Dress: Gray $46
Scarf: Watercolor Tasseled Scarf $16
Wallet: Deux Lux Dottie Wallet (available in black) $58
Sunnies: Tort Round Sunnies $14
Bag: Revival Resale Denim Purse -SOLD
Nail Polish: Scotch Naturals Polish in Tartan Swizzle $15
Fade NYC Beaded Long Necklace -SOLD
Son of a Sailor Hand Dipped Navy Pendant -$38
Made Community Lapis Drop Earrings -$36

Look 4: Color Bomb! 

Dress: Glamorous Simple Style Cotton Dress: Black & White $46
Scarf: Pink Daisy Infinity Scarf: $16
Clutch: Baggu Golden Leather Pouch: $44 (click to shop)
Shoes: Saltwater Sandals: Red : $38 (click to shop)
Sunnies: Replay Vintage Roundies
Gold & Tassel Necklace $22
Son of a Sailor Handpainted Leather Cuffs $28 per 
Son of a Sailor Beaded Earrings $58