Monday, September 1, 2014

Revival + Yotopia = #froyocute

Yumi Kitty Sweater + Iowa Charm Necklace + Yotopia = Adorable
Quick question.  What is cuter than kitty cat sweaters and new fall Revival style?  What is more fun than a froyo date with friends on Ped Mall?  Both at once, of course!!  

Revival + Yotopia = #froyocute

Revival and Yotopia, Iowa City’s original froyo, have teamed up to bring you #froyocute.   Cool off with delicious, locally-sourced froyo and snag an exclusive deal at the cutest store around.  It's real easy. 

Step 1: Follow Revival & Yotopia on Instagram or Twitter (links below)
Step 2: Regram/Retween our #froyocute post (or post your own #froyocute)
Step 3: Show your regram/retweet to the cashier when purchasing delicious Yotopia froyo
Step 4: Receive an exclusive deal from Revival!  

-Purchase at Yotopia is necessary to win this deal
-Contest runs from 9/2-9/5 or while supplies last

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Please email with any questions regarding this contest!