Friday, May 18, 2012

Hello! Our Names are Shopkitty George & Shopkitty Roger

You may have seen them peaking around planters, or buried in a buckets of scarves, or even gazing back down at you from a cute Revival Custom Made t-shirt.  They are Roger & Georgie - the famous Revival store kitties.  The story began five years ago, when Shopgirl Abbey adopted George, a tiny ball of orange and white fuzz.  Too little to stay home alone, Georgie came to Revival every day and became an expert at laying on vintage clothes.  Next came Roger, a gift from Shopowner Sheila, almost an identical twin to Mr. Georgie.  These two VIP kitties have agreed to sit down with Shopgirl A, and talk about their lives as the Revival Store Kitties.

Hi!  What are you names?

Roger: I'm Roger.  That is Georgie

How old are you little guys?

Roger:  Well, we are both rescues, so we can only guesstimate.  I am about 2, I think.
Georgie:  Five-ish

What are your hobbies and interests outside of Shopkitty-ing?

Roger:  Ummm, so much.  I feel we just go, go, go.  Looking out the window, eating, grooming,  romping, playing, knocking over glasses of water...
Georgie:  We like snuggling,  We are really good snugglers.  

If you had to pick a cat Style Icon, who would it be?

Georgie:  Garfield.  Without a doubt.  

I am going to ask you a few of your favorite things, guys.  What is your favorite color?  

Roger: Orange

Favorite Fabric:

Roger:  I would say...anything that we can scratch their paws on.
Georgie: YEAH!  I love that fabric.  

Favorite Part of the Store to Hang Out In:

Georgie:  Front window, or sprawled out on the floor.
Roger: I like the Christmas cactus.  

Favorite Current Trend:

Roger: Short manicured nails.  So much smarter looking.  

Favorite Type of Cat Music:

Georgie: Well, we really listen to a lot from different genres, but if I had to pick, defiantly jazz.
Roger:  I have really been into world music lately.

Favorite TV Show: 

Georgie:  We really do prefer to read.
Roger: Yes, we might start a book club this summer.    

Favorite Cat Treat: 

Georgie: Greenies!

What would you cat signature accessory be, if you had to chose just one:  

Roger: We are always nude.   We do have sweet collars though.

What are your spirit animals:  

Roger: It is a bumblebee.  We were told that once by a palm reader.

What do you love about being the Revival Store Kitties: 

Georgie: The attention and fame of course

Dogs or Mice:

Georgie: Mice

How would you describe your cat style?  

Roger: Def super casual.
Georgie: Yeah, def

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