Friday, June 22, 2012

Shopgirl Hannah Just Wants to Dance! Revival Playlist #2!

Poor Shopgirl Hannah :(  Possessing a love for sixties and seventies fashion and an undeniable affinity for that sweet, sweet soul music, this gal was clearly born in the wrong era.  Known for her 'aerobic dancing skills,' Shopgirl Hannah was once described (by a true authority) as grooving just like Tina Turner...

Let our girl tell you in her own words about her Sweet Soul Playlist (with a little Three Dog Night thrown in there just for fun)...

 "This is a 70s inspired playlist designed to induce nostalgia and get you out on the dance floor or up in front of the juke box.  In fact, please get up in front of the juke box at the Mill because Shopgirl Anna and I are sick of having 2 person dance parties.  Please note I am not liable for any dancing related injuries such as breaking ones own glass on the dance floor from enthusiastic dance moves, and then stepping on it" have been warned. 

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