Friday, June 29, 2012

Super Awesome Garage Rock: Revival Playlist #3

In celebration of the currently happening Firecracker 500 Festival, Shopgirl Anna put together this sunny, summer-appropriate Super Awesome Garage Rock Playlist (if she does say so herself).   In the Shopgirl's own words,

"I have always loved me some garage rock, especially old stuff that just makes you want to drink beer and dance.  Some of my list faves include "Are you a Boy or a Girl" by the Barbarians and "Ana" by Los Saicos because my name is Shopgirl Anna and I am pretty vain.  I picked "I Think We are Alone Now" because the 13 year old that lives inside me made me do it."

Please note that Shopgirl Anna wore her absolute favorite MC5 t-shirt she recently scored at Revival while making this playlist.

All we can hope is that it inspires you to head to Gabe's tonight and see Liberty Leg (along with tons of other fantastic Firecracker 500 bands).

Click here for the line-up!

Happy Summer- the Shopgirls

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