Saturday, March 24, 2012

Revival & KRUI : Sat. 3/24 - 4 PM CST = Fantastic (Hopefully)

Our favorite radio station, KRUI, has invited Revival to drop in on The Roundtable radio show tomorrow from 4-5 PM CST. Our resident know-it-all and Revival blogdog Shopgirl Anna will be discussing our store's soon-to-launch online store (as in next week, friends!!), general Iowa City fantastic-ness and other scintillating topics!

Please tune in. If you don't already listen to the University of Iowa's radio heartbeat of cool/awesome/info-you-actually-want-to-know, then you certainly should be!

Listen at 89.7 FM or stream here:

And friends, do not worry, we will be sure to mention Sunday's A Very Mad Men Premiere Party (7:30 at Gabe's) and all promotional poster spelling errors associated....

xoxo-Shopgirl A

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