Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hello! My Name is Shopgirl Sam

A little bit quiet and a whole bunch hilarious is our Shopgirl Sam. Wife and mother of the adorable sprite Margot, Sam has resellin' it at Revival since 2009. While she leaves us every so often to jet to some new exotic locale, she always comes back! Soon we will have to say goodbye once again as she wanders off to Paris for a stretch. Life sure is tough...

Name: Sam

Age: 31

Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA

Style Icon: My Grandma Blanche.

I don't have a picture of my grandma here, which is unfortunate, because she was gorgeous back in her day. She had deep red curls and was always dressed really well---- a very classic, classy lady. She would wear maybe a black cashmere cardigan with some pearls and nice pants (you know, the 50's style). She would also be a bit daring at times; for example, wearing a backless dress to my dad's second wedding. Perfect rain boots and rain coats and umbrellas...bright pink lipstick (like what's hot right now :-).

(***author's note: we love Sam's description of her Grandma Blanche, and are also bummed there is no pic of this chic lady!)

Favorite Color: Navy Blue

Spirit Animal: Swan

Song/Band Currently Stuck in Your Head:Mama's Eyes” by Justin Townes Earle, vcr” by The XX, and “Les Champs-Elysees” by Joe Dassin (for SOME inexplicable reason).

Signature Accessory: My gold wedding ring

Current Iowa City Eats Flavorite: Banditos and Her Soup Kitchen

What do you Love About Iowa City: Strong community and music scene, and the amount of unique local businesses.

Dogs or Cats: Cats

Favorite TV Show:
Portlandia & Storage Wars

Favorite Drink/Cocktail: A nice-tasting ale or red wine (also nice-tasting). I think Bell's Two Hearted Ale is good.

Current Beauty Product Obsession: Sunleaf Naturals Clarysage & Lavender Shampoo and body bar

How would you describe your style? Simple? No...classic.

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