Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Captain of the Style Ship: Meet ShopOwner Sheila!

Shop Owner Sheila was just 27, and newly returned to her home town from the fashion world of New York, when she jumped off that small business cliff and opened up Revival on Linn Street in 2003. Since then she has watched her little-store-that-could move into a new location on the Ped Mall and double in size. Shop owner Sheila is the bold captain of our beloved Revival ship, the chef that sets the menu here, and all the Shopgirls agree, perhaps the greatest boss of all time.
(in front of the new store)

An ardent localist and mom to Oni (the next generation of Revival style mavens), she prefers to mix style classics with unique handmade pieces. Any fashion questions? Always ask Sheila- she just knows...

Name: Sheila Davisson

Age: 35

Hometown: Iowa City

Favorite Color: green

Favorite Fabric: cotton jersey

Favorite Brand/Designer: Marc Jacobs

Signature Accessory:
diamond studs – a gift from my husband Pete

Favorite Drink/Cocktail: vodka soda with lime

(photo courtesy of Dewey Street Photo Company)

Spirit Animal: owl, of course...see the tattoo above!

What do you Love About Iowa City: Big city brain, small community feel!

Most delicous Iowa City eat: so hard…. Leaf Kitchen for lunch, Lincoln CafĂ© for dinner

What are Five Staple Items that Should be in Every Girl's Closet?:

  • a leather bag slouchy and tan
  • a long locket with something special in it
  • classic trench coat
  • bright printed scarf
  • chucks for the weekend

Favorite Spring Revival Item: BAGGU gray stripe backpack

Current Beauty Product Obsession: Skincenticuls Overnight Cream

The Greatest Style Advice You ever Received? :"Always be comfortable in what you are wearing, no tugging or adjusting!"

Look for more style suggestions from our Captain coming soon!

xoxo-Shopgirl A


  1. The GREATEST boss/friend of all time!

  2. I LOVE that you used my photo on the blog - however, from one small business to another, I would appreciate it if I am credited for the photo and that permission is asked first. Thanks! -- D. Frary / Dewey Street Photo Company