Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Midis and Midriffs: Tuesday Yea or Nay

Having only recently recovered from our very own swinging Mission Creek Festival (every year we say the same thing...we are getting to old for these late nights), we couldn't wait to see what the fashion scene would be like at the 'to cool for school,' quirky grandmother of them all, Southern California's Coachella festival.

(getty images)

After the first weekend, up pops this hot and spicy, midi and midriff little number. Both fun and ladylike at the same time, who knew that a little skin could look so conservative! The high waist of the skirt makes this look surprisingly wearable by most us non-six-packing-possessing ladies. Love the print, love the shoes, love the 1940's bathing suit slice of midriff.

We call ADORABLE! What about you? Midis and midriffs....Yea or Nay? Love this look?

xoxo-Shopgirl A

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