Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Introducing: Revival Custom Made

A huge, heavy book once said, "Old things are passed away, all things become new."

Any lover of vintage knows this to be true - take a beautiful old dress, zip it up, and it is instantly infused with new life. That is no 'old dress' any longer, that is your hot, new dress with an old soul!

This is the spirit behind Revival's new jewelry pieces. Hand constructed from vintage findings right here in Iowa City, these necklaces are fresh style staples for every modern wardrobe. Our pieces are named after Iowa City streets and landmarks, as we love the IC even more than vintage (which is muy mucho). Chic, affordable, and locally-made; just like Revival :)

Revival Custom Made Linn Street Vintage Locket.

Named for Linn Street, the new-business friendly downtown thoroughfare where a young Revival opened its doors in 2003, this vintage locket is set on a 28" brass chain. It opens to hold images or keepsakes.

$18 and available for purchase on our website.

Revival Custom Made Washington Street Quartz Pendant

Home of historical Englert Theater, and locales as varied as Public Space One and The Java House, Washington Street is represents Iowa City's unique blend of tradition and innovation. Our quartz pendant, set on a 28" silver chain, is a new classic that will never go out of style.

$18 and available for purchase on our website.

Look for more to come, friends. We have so much happening at Revival and Revival Online!

xoxo-Shopgirl A

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