Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Why, I Could NEVER Trade...My Three Strand Pearl Necklace & Vintage Chanel Pumps

New mom, vintage maven, and Austin-based Revival doll Maggie, queen of the Blue-Eyed Baking Studio blog, would NEVER trade her beloved 3 strand pearl necklace or vintage gold Chanel pumps (greatest find ever)

"I found the heels while shopping at a resale shop in Indianapolis with my mom. Lovely- a demure style paired with a flashy color. (My husband) Kevin found the pearls in North Carolina and gave them to me for Christmas. When I wear them I feel sophisticated and gorgeous and they remind me of my darling husband. I also look forward to seeing Vivienne, my daughter, wear them one day, only if she asks first of course..."

We would LOVE to see the special items you could never part with. Email us your NEVER trade-ables, and a few words on why you love them, at and we will post them!

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